Thursday, June 26, 2014


 This morning was a mad dash to clean up from sleepover to get ready for daycare... which then turned into castle and sea fun! It was interesting to hear the story line that these kids came up with!!! Such imaginations!
 Water coloring on posters... These turned out super cute and will get hung up in our daycare room. I love having the kids work posters because it becomes a shared space. They have to use manners and use their words to work together. Plus it makes really cool art! :)
 Qman playing in the house center... He looks so grown, my little toddler. So close to walking but I am not really sad that he still is crawling. He needs to be my baby just a little longer!

 Our awesome art...
 Ready for circle time... today we read 2 books about gardening and fruits.
The not so napping time here... sigh. I love having my kids home for the summer however the nap time of the day proves to be a hard time. I have so many that still need naps and so many that do not. We try to take field trips during this time to get them out, cheaply. However, we are still trying to get our back yard project done so we are staying in today. On the schedule.... reading, art, and puzzle books! Pray for my patience!!! :)

Happy Thursday!

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