Thursday, January 28, 2010

Mia's big girl hair cut

Mia had her first hair cut tonight!

Mia before... lots of wild hair always in her face.
Mia at the beginning, she wasn't too sure what to think. This one just cracks me up!
During... Mia had a comb to play with and that made her happy.
Our not so little girl has bangs.

Mia after...
And she is happy that her first hair cut is finished!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Today is Hat Day at school...
(Hats for Haiti)
You donate 1.00 per child and you get to wear a hat to school.

Gaby loves hat days
Kadyn gets to wear hers this afternoon at preschool
Mia was just goofing around with my hat this morning
And to stay with the theme, we put Kenni's hat on too

Today is hat day...

Monday, January 25, 2010

Today we had another appointment at the clinic to test her levels AGAIN, and her weight AGAIN!
I just got the call back and her jaundice level came down from 18 (yesterday) to 16.
When we were in the clinic ... she gained weight... not much, but it was a gain!

I am doing the happy prayer dance. I know a lot of friends and family have been lifting up our sweet little girl in prayer!
Now... onto her 1 week check up...

getting back into the swing of things...

Only works if your swing isn't broken...

It has been a crazy couple of days.

Kendal is loosing weight and her jaundice levels are incredibility high!
But she is a wonderful baby and nurses well. She is just a little sleepy and yellow! But just look at that face... she is perfect!

My milk has come in...TMI again, I know. This is what my frig and freezer look like now. It is a blessing to nurse Kendal and still be able to pump for times she may need a bottle.

I am so excited about my 2 new purchases... a) sleep bra for nursing and b) a sling to help be hands free if need.
These were stressful purchases since I am not working right now and I am without income for 2 weeks. (I knew it was coming but not right after 2 birthdays/parties... we thought we had at least 2 more weeks) But, it is great to have a husband that says, " this will make your life easier, let's just get it" and signs the check to buy the items!
Here is my little glow worm! She has had to be on the light for over 48 hours for her jaundice!
Kenni is such a cute little cuddlier! It really is hard to get anything done when holding her, tending to Mia, getting things for Kadyn, and helping Gaby with homework... but as I have stated before, I wouldn't have it any other way!

So... maybe our swing isn't broken... we are just needing to adjust it a little...

Friday, January 22, 2010

Oh Tarter Sauce.... (As Gaby says it)

What a week for the Fluke Family. We started it weekend off with news that our fourth daughter would be coming 3 1/2 weeks early. We spent Saturday getting all the last minute baby errands ran, bags packed, and just spent time as a family! Sunday was a blast as we celebrated Kadyn's 5th birthday. We had her "friend" party at Westridge Lanes and she had a great time.

Sunday morning before Kadyn's party, we got news that we might not start the induction process. What a roller coaster of emotions. Even with this news, we had a plan to go to the hospital and run more labs, get an ultra sound, and then the choice would be made. We were at the hospital at 7am and finally started the induction process at 12pm.

By 12pm, I was already at 2cm. We started out with the pill stuff they insert to soften everything up. By 4pm, my OB broke my water, by 5pm, I had pain and an epidural. And shortly after that, my contractions were hard, long, and still painful. By 7:15-7:30 I was at 7cm, having lots of pressure and a few minutes later I was ready. We pushed 3-4 times and she was here.
So... Ahem... Here she is...

Kendal Lynn Fluke
6lb 1 oz 19 1/2 inches long
She is as perfect as she can be... After she was born, we only had a couple of minutes with her to snuggle and connect. They watched her breathing and oxygen levels as they were low after first coming into the world. After 2 hours of being watched and having a bath, about 10:30pm Dustin and I got to have her in our room to love on.

So far, we are only on day 3 1/2, "Kennie" is a great baby. I had no plans to breastfeed as I really don't have the patience or milk supply. But this little bundle of joy is a natural. She has latched on like a pro and is gaining well with nursing a lone. It is also nice to have that time with Kendal. Our family can get a little hectic at times so I like being able to snuggle to her and say, "it's time for her to eat". So, as long as we can, we are feeding her with Mother Natures Bottles...aka my boobs!

I have to admit, this was not a fun concept to explain to a 5 year old that has so many questions. Plus, I have never been a small chested gal, and to be told by your children that your boob is bigger then your babys' head was just real special!!! TMI, I am sorry!!!

Moving on...

Sappy moment here... just a little warning!

Here is my husband Dustin and his little baby girl.
This is the man who got me through my toughest part of labor, and the past 9 months really! As many of you know Kendal was not really planned, Mia and her are only 17 months a part. There was diffidently some times where I just didn't know how we were going to provide for another child, have room for another child, and I would just break down. Dustin has always been the person I could count on for support to left me up, have a positive outlook, and remind me that God is the one that knows the plans not us.

The night Kendal was born, I remember looking over at Dustin, who was getting pictures of little K being checked out, and saw this huge smile on his face. His look said it all. Even though it is our 4th child, it was like it was our first. He excitement, his love, his gestures, his being just was so overwhelming to watch. I know I am so lucky to have such a husband that is such a great daddy to our girls. He is a true role model of what a dad should be!

Here is it... our first (1/4 of the family) photo.
As you can tell, this was taken minutes after she was born...

Hope you have enjoyed our little week of craziness. I will post some more pictures soon... we only took 300+ pictures in 2 days so I have to pick the good ones!!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

I am waiting...

It is the morning of what we thought was going to be our induction. I am here waiting... I am waiting for answers. We talked to my ob on Thursday and she was positive they were going to induce on Monday due to blood pressure creeping up. After doing some more urine samples we got a call Sunday morning and her tune had started to change. The second round of labs didn't shoot up as high as she had once thought they would (which is good) and so the induction is now a maybe thing for today and now I am waiting...

I have my bags packed and ready to go but don't know if I will even need them today. I waiting to leave and check in, run some more tests, and get another ultra sound to see how Kendal is doing... I am waiting.

I am waiting on my husband who seems to be able to sleep in any time of stressful situation and and not feel rushed when we should be leaving soon and he isn't dressed.

I am waiting for answers to be revealed. Do we continue on today? Do we wait a week? I hope to know soon because the stress of waiting is probably hurting my blood pressure too.

Because of my daycare, as soon as we had a "go" for induction on Thursday, everyone started making plans for back up care this week. Now, I am waiting to see how this week plays out because if I am not having Kendal this week, I don't know if people will be able to change plans on my behalf and allow me to work another week vs not and loosing yet another weeks pay... so I wait!

I have been throwing up this morning and not been able to eat much this weekend. I am on "my nerves are shot" diet. I am waiting for the day when throwing is a thing of the past and I can move on to moving around again and bumping into things with my belly... I might be waiting a long while on this one!

Most of all, I am waiting for God's plan to happen today and whatever it may be, allow me to be accept the choice made and know it is for the better of Kendal and myself. I know He is the one in control even though I wouldn't mind a little sneak peak at what will happen... I will trust and I will wait!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Happy Birthday KK...

Kadyn Denise Fluke
6lbs. 13 oz
Born at 1:13am

1 year later... 2006

It is a great joy to a mother to this kid. She makes me laugh everyday. Looking back the last 5 years of her life, I would be bored without her questions, creativeness, and her energy!
Happy Birthday KK!

Our last weekend...

Our last weekend before Kendal's birth has been spent "getting ready" for her birth.
We have been running around getting last minute baby things, registering at the hospital, packing bags, and praying she doesn't come on Kadyn's birthday.

Diaper bag and my bag ready to go... Dustin made fun of me because I am using the bag that Mia's bedding came in. It's a great size bag and it is cute!
Dustin put together Kendal's portable crib. It isn't too girly but it matches our room. It has a nice roomy top part that can be lowered as she grows (or moves into sleeping in her own room), and a place to store diapers for those nights you," don't remember changing the baby but you are pretty sure you did." Our room is getting a little small but it works for now and it won't be this way forever... Truth be told, I'm kinda excited about having a baby back in my room. Shhhhh! Don't tell Dustin!
Another exciting part about our weekend, is Kadyn's birthday. (I will blog more later) She is turning 5 years old today. We are having a bowling party for her "friends" from school and some daycare buddies as well. Then, if all goes well, Friday night we'll celebrate with friends and family for Dustin and KK. But- as about of our running around, we picked up her cake. KK wanted a ladybug theme so badly. And our family friend, Jan Hogan, came through as always!!!

Here is KK's 5th birthday cake!
And... I leave you with how Mia really feels about being a "big sister" soon...

Exciting times around the Fluke household... celebrating 5 wonderful years of Kadyn, my most challenging yet funniest kid ever, the birth of our 4th baby girl, and the wonderful life of my husband who turns 30 on Wednesday!!!
I am truly in awe of what God has given me...

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Can you guess...

What small colorful


Choking hazards

Will be getting moved today during nap time???

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Today was a day of catching up... we didn't get a lot done from lessons last week due to winter break and snow days.
So, we worked on writing our letters...

This week we are working on Letter "S". We have talked about snow, snowmen, and snowflakes. Today we used form stickers and star stickers to decorate our "S".

Then we made a snow scene. We dipped spools into white paint and stamped them onto black paper. A fun project for kids of any age. Our winter snow scenes turned out beautifully.

After we were done with calendar and flash cards we got some dancing time in... here is lil' miss sassy pants dancing.

And that was our Wednesday morning....

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

One of my favorite pictures of Mia...

One of my favorite pictures of my girls...

And, one of my favorite baby gifts given to Kendal...
(Thanks Melissa-we love it)

Monday, January 11, 2010

getting back to normal...

Having structure, routine, and a house full of kids is my normal.
And, boy is it good to have it back. Winter break was great. We got a lot done and spent a lot time doing things with our kids. But... they were ready to see their friends and get back to their routine as well.
After returning only 2 days, we had 2 more days off for snow days. This time around we went crazy, at least our kids did. So... today it felt good to be getting back to normal.

We are on week 2 of our winter theme. We are having great weather for this theme...
Today we made pretzel snowflakes. First we glued with pretzels down in any shape or pattern we wanted. After they dried, we painted them white and added some glitter.

We even played Ring around the "Hosie" as Kadyn likes to call it.

My little toddler K hard at work painting...

Our finished project of snowflakes...

We always take time to dance, wiggle and just be silly. Last week I picked up a new CD for us to listen to, the new music to Alvin and the Chipmunks movie. You would have thought I was the best provider ever for this one. They danced, jumped, used instruments, held hands, giggled smiled all while listening to our new CD.

Deep down, I think they were ready for getting back to normal too!!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

you are always on my mind....

As of lately I must say that Baby Girl Kendal has been on my mind. And when I am not thinking about Baby Kendal, I am reminded she is coming by her kicking and moving in my belly!

I am 35 weeks today...
I am cranky
I am anti social
I am not patient
I am nervous
I am overwhelmed
I am anxious
I am blessed!

Yesterday I had my OB check up and was told I was dilated to 2cm. This was good and scary news. I am ready to be done with my "sharing my body with the babies" stage but am needing to make sure we are ready for her arrival as well. (And, get past Kadyn's 5th birthday)

So, I did what I do best and made a list! This calms me down and I know it is all manageable!

Some new outfits hanging up ready to go... after Mia was born, I was sure she was our last and gave away a lot of her newborn and 0-3mo stuff. Plus, she should get some new stuff too.

Diapers (well, we have those already, just not in newborn size... but now we do)
Bottles, formula, and new nipples...
For anyone who knows me and my breastfeeding adventures, well, I just suck at it.
And a pregnant momma that is ready... well, as ready as I can be!

You are always on my mind...

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

35 weeks...

Our room

We went from lime baby green to a blue sliver color... we even had some help with the painting.
One evening Dustin ran into some issues with the wiring for the computers...
He was not having a happy night.
Our new, smaller, space.
I really like the set up and our new desk. It was worth all the house being a mess, the room being dirty, and things being out of place for the end result.

Our new desk... It took me 3 trips to 3 different Walmart's to finally fins a store that had it in stock. I was on a mission. It fits the space perfectly though!!!

That about does it for our room switch...