Friday, January 22, 2010

Oh Tarter Sauce.... (As Gaby says it)

What a week for the Fluke Family. We started it weekend off with news that our fourth daughter would be coming 3 1/2 weeks early. We spent Saturday getting all the last minute baby errands ran, bags packed, and just spent time as a family! Sunday was a blast as we celebrated Kadyn's 5th birthday. We had her "friend" party at Westridge Lanes and she had a great time.

Sunday morning before Kadyn's party, we got news that we might not start the induction process. What a roller coaster of emotions. Even with this news, we had a plan to go to the hospital and run more labs, get an ultra sound, and then the choice would be made. We were at the hospital at 7am and finally started the induction process at 12pm.

By 12pm, I was already at 2cm. We started out with the pill stuff they insert to soften everything up. By 4pm, my OB broke my water, by 5pm, I had pain and an epidural. And shortly after that, my contractions were hard, long, and still painful. By 7:15-7:30 I was at 7cm, having lots of pressure and a few minutes later I was ready. We pushed 3-4 times and she was here.
So... Ahem... Here she is...

Kendal Lynn Fluke
6lb 1 oz 19 1/2 inches long
She is as perfect as she can be... After she was born, we only had a couple of minutes with her to snuggle and connect. They watched her breathing and oxygen levels as they were low after first coming into the world. After 2 hours of being watched and having a bath, about 10:30pm Dustin and I got to have her in our room to love on.

So far, we are only on day 3 1/2, "Kennie" is a great baby. I had no plans to breastfeed as I really don't have the patience or milk supply. But this little bundle of joy is a natural. She has latched on like a pro and is gaining well with nursing a lone. It is also nice to have that time with Kendal. Our family can get a little hectic at times so I like being able to snuggle to her and say, "it's time for her to eat". So, as long as we can, we are feeding her with Mother Natures Bottles...aka my boobs!

I have to admit, this was not a fun concept to explain to a 5 year old that has so many questions. Plus, I have never been a small chested gal, and to be told by your children that your boob is bigger then your babys' head was just real special!!! TMI, I am sorry!!!

Moving on...

Sappy moment here... just a little warning!

Here is my husband Dustin and his little baby girl.
This is the man who got me through my toughest part of labor, and the past 9 months really! As many of you know Kendal was not really planned, Mia and her are only 17 months a part. There was diffidently some times where I just didn't know how we were going to provide for another child, have room for another child, and I would just break down. Dustin has always been the person I could count on for support to left me up, have a positive outlook, and remind me that God is the one that knows the plans not us.

The night Kendal was born, I remember looking over at Dustin, who was getting pictures of little K being checked out, and saw this huge smile on his face. His look said it all. Even though it is our 4th child, it was like it was our first. He excitement, his love, his gestures, his being just was so overwhelming to watch. I know I am so lucky to have such a husband that is such a great daddy to our girls. He is a true role model of what a dad should be!

Here is it... our first (1/4 of the family) photo.
As you can tell, this was taken minutes after she was born...

Hope you have enjoyed our little week of craziness. I will post some more pictures soon... we only took 300+ pictures in 2 days so I have to pick the good ones!!!


Patty said...

What a great entry, Laura!

You look like you'd spent the day having a makeover in your pic of the three of you - beautiful! We should all be so gorgeous right after labor! lol

Loved the comments about your boobs. (Can I say that? lol) Nursing is such a blessing. You'll never regret that decision - even if you do feel like a dairy cow (or a milk mom, as someone put it on facebook) :)

You are awesome parents! Love you guys, and can't wait to meet Kendal in person!


Caroline said...

What a beautiful girl. Congratulations!