Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Mia and Kendal's new room

After a weeks worth of working, painting, arranging, and moving... we are finished with the big room switch!

This project didn't seem like it would take that long but we were out 2 days with being sick, had to move all of Dustin's cables for the computer through the attic, and work around 3 young children that wanted time spent with them too!

But after it is all said and done, I am very happy with both rooms and how they have turned out! And- let me just say how awesome my husband is. He is such a handy man and he did all the work and wiring himself... I am blessed to have such a smart guy around!!!

Anyway... Mia's new big girl bed and new bedding. We haven't put her in her bed yet just want to get it in the room so get her used to seeing it and maybe taking some naps on it. We were given this bed from my in-laws... awesome timing there!
I moved a lot of my daycare storage and toys into the girls' new room as well. I bought new cubby boxes to match their room and the kitchen area is set up more as a center for daycare to use too.
Soon to be Kendal's side of the room...
We bought a crib/bassinet for Kendal so she can stay in our room until Mia and her are ready to sleep in the same area.
And... here is what Mia thinks of her new bed...

Actually, she really loves it now... for playing and bouncing on it!

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