Monday, January 18, 2010

I am waiting...

It is the morning of what we thought was going to be our induction. I am here waiting... I am waiting for answers. We talked to my ob on Thursday and she was positive they were going to induce on Monday due to blood pressure creeping up. After doing some more urine samples we got a call Sunday morning and her tune had started to change. The second round of labs didn't shoot up as high as she had once thought they would (which is good) and so the induction is now a maybe thing for today and now I am waiting...

I have my bags packed and ready to go but don't know if I will even need them today. I waiting to leave and check in, run some more tests, and get another ultra sound to see how Kendal is doing... I am waiting.

I am waiting on my husband who seems to be able to sleep in any time of stressful situation and and not feel rushed when we should be leaving soon and he isn't dressed.

I am waiting for answers to be revealed. Do we continue on today? Do we wait a week? I hope to know soon because the stress of waiting is probably hurting my blood pressure too.

Because of my daycare, as soon as we had a "go" for induction on Thursday, everyone started making plans for back up care this week. Now, I am waiting to see how this week plays out because if I am not having Kendal this week, I don't know if people will be able to change plans on my behalf and allow me to work another week vs not and loosing yet another weeks pay... so I wait!

I have been throwing up this morning and not been able to eat much this weekend. I am on "my nerves are shot" diet. I am waiting for the day when throwing is a thing of the past and I can move on to moving around again and bumping into things with my belly... I might be waiting a long while on this one!

Most of all, I am waiting for God's plan to happen today and whatever it may be, allow me to be accept the choice made and know it is for the better of Kendal and myself. I know He is the one in control even though I wouldn't mind a little sneak peak at what will happen... I will trust and I will wait!

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Caroline said...

I have been thinking of you. Your situation stinks. That is kinda mean to get you all ready and excited. I hope they went ahead and induced you. I am thinking maybe they did since you haven't updated us.
I'll pray for you either way.