Friday, April 25, 2014

Random pictures and a little thing called life...

 Last Wednesday night we wrapped up Awana with award night. Gaby finished her last year with a book 2 award. She was pretty excited and it was a great way to complete her time in Awana. This summer Gaby will be moving into middle school which will meet on Wednesday nights.
 Mia earned a participation award for Sparks. She didn't finish her book but on average did a verse a night. This was Mia's first year in Sparks. Our Awana program at TBC has wrapped up it's 5th year.

 Easter weekend... Missing Gaby and Qman. We had our niece and nephew (and their parents) come, have lunch and a fun egg hunt.
 My crazy ol' family...
 Qman looking all stud like here with the open button down shirt... actually this kid never stops moving anymore. So, you have to act fast in order to get him dressed.

 Our Cubbie awards night was on the 16th. We had a lot of preschoolers finish their book, saying 26 bible verses. Kenni earned a book completion award. This is her first year in Cubbies.

 And this is how my family really is... goofy faces, never all looking at the camera, baby about to drop onto the ground, and laughing. Oh well.
 Monday was the SH school board meeting. Our elementary school puts on a dinner for the board before their meeting. This was my PTO task. Another PTO mom and I went and got all the supplies bought and ready for the evening and D was our grill person. It was a neat way to say thanks to the board for all they do.
 Yesterday we had a heavy rain storm during the day that cancelled our soccer game for Kadyn and practice for Gaby. As I am enjoying an unexpected night at home, Dustin looks at me and asks if we want to go to a hockey game. At first, the night at home was winning out but after the kids all agreed they wanted to go, we packed up and hit the ice. Kids got in free and it was a good game. I was glad we went even though it was a late night for everyone.
 Qman did great at his first game. Towards the end he was getting so tired and then fell asleep.
 Today was Kansas Kids Day for the 3rd graders. And of course, here is my favorite 3rd grader. The school buys the kids shirts and puts on a fun morning of Jazzercise, games, and safety presentations from an arson dog, police, and fire fighters. It was a great day to be outdoors for most of the rotations. The morning ended with a special lunch provided by the school. 
 Kadyn running laps for one of the games. Days like today I am so glad I have some flexibility in my work schedule. I am glad that Dustin fills in for daycare so I can be a part of my girls' life even when they are at school. I love being able to go to field trips, go to Kansas Kid Day, and have lunch with my kiddos.
 Kk with the ambulance... they were able to go in, see the back part of it, and the equipment that the AMR team carries with them at all time.
After Kadyn's lunch and morning was over, I was just in time to have lunch with this girly. She was surprised I was there. She is so not talkative at lunch which cracks me up. I loved giving her mid-day kisses and love. I truly miss me kids while they are away in school.
And speaking of school... This little firecracker will be going to SHES next year for preschool. I am so excited that she will be there. Kadyn, Mia have both been able to go and have had awesome experiences in this program. Even though we do a preschool morning at daycare, I still send my kids to "school" so the transition into Kindergarten is easier. I want our kids to know I am not their only teacher and so far this has worked for us. So... look out Ms. Tracie, Ms. Melissa, and Ms. Liz... 2 more Fluke's to go!!!

Happy Friday!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Tuesday and Wednesday

 Yesterday AM the babies and I made a fun Easter keepsake... Little carrots out of their toes.

 The toddler girls worked on their yellow Easter eggs...
 The bigger kids worked on Easter egg cards...

 We also worked on our letter of the week, "X".

 Today we made a Spring Journal... Lots of gluing, coloring, and cutting involved.

 Free play...

Happy Wednesday!!!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Randoms and KC trip

 Sunday Morning... Q man looking like a stud! We bought him some new Spring shoes and it made him look so big. Yesterday he was 11 months old. Wow. I am in shock at how fast the past 11 months have gone by!
 After church we made a quick trip to KC. I wanted to go to the Disney Store and just get away for a little while. It was a fun time. We hung out at Oak Park Mall and rode the carrousel (?). It is a double decker one, and the kids always go to the top.
 Even Gaby and Kadyn enjoy it.
 Sunday Selfie... Kendal and I ready to ride.
 Gaby had her heart set on trying bubble tea. After we ordered we ended up with a bubble smoothie. Not the same but it was still good. Kadyn didn't end up liking hers...

 After we hung out at the mall for a while, we met up with family friends of ours. We ate at 5 Guys Burgers. It was our first time and it was a super yummy meal. However, they have endless amounts of peanuts and that is just silly to have with lots of kids. Needless to say, we made a mess and I tried to clean it but the employees wouldn't let me. Oh well. We didn't get kicked out; and the kids had a blast.
 The adults sat one table over... and just in case we got our drinks mixed up, Bryan properly marked them for us. I don't know why, but it made me laugh!!!

 We had a fun dinner hanging out with these peeps. Boy, I sure miss them... in Topeka, in passing,  Cubbies, and in Church. I know it's only KC and I think we have done a pretty good job keeping in touch but it is still not the same. I love the time we get to hang out and chat. I value this couple more then they probably will ever know- they are just a fun family that we can be normal around. Our get-together time is always something I look forward to and just makes me smile to see these two people and their family. What a blessing these guys are to Dustin and I.

 I love sneaking in and watching my kids play... this AM I saw Kadyn and her Barbie town all set up. I love that she still plays with them and has such an imagination. I remember spending countless hours in my room with my Barbies growing up as well- so I love to see my girls doing the same thing.
 I sat down this afternoon and got our calendar caught up with camps, end of the year school events, recital dates, dance pictures and more. We are in the middle of what seems to be our busy season. I love it...most days!!! I felt better after getting everything down and organized.

The girls are in 5 dances this year... Kendal is doing 1 song, Mia has tap and hip hop, and Kadyn is doing tap and hip hop as well. I am excited to see the final product and to get them all dolled up for pictures this month.

Kadyn is thinking about going competitive this summer. I am praying over this as it would be a large expense and time commitment.  I think she would love to do it however I am not sure how it will fit into our schedule as a family.
 Kk is still plugging away at her reading. She is still progressing but still slow. We are still reading a ton at home and she still has 2 groups a day at school. We are no longer doing after school tutoring since her teacher is due any day now with their baby girl. I know the kids will miss their teacher of two years. She is such a sweet, loving lady and her kids LOVE her as do we, the parents. I know she and her hubby will make GREAT parents and I am excited for their new adventure as a mommy and daddy!

 A teacher that knows their class will be a sub for the rest of the year. Kadyn has made such a huge gain, I am just hoping she will continue to make progress and hopefully "catch up". Her teacher made some ready lessons to work on suring the summer and I hope to observe her reading groups soon so we can make summer lessons up to keep her on the right track over summer. This will be the closest thing I get to homeschooling... Yikes! (I'm scared) :) 
My church work pile. I gave up on it this afternoon and threw everything into a pile. Our church is building a family life center which will include 5 brand stinking new nursery rooms. I.AM.SO.EXCITED. However, the building won't be complete until August which is a little later then hoped. August becomes a nightmare of a month for us as we start soccer, school, dance, Awana, and fall life back up. Knowing August is crazy, I have outlined my projects for the new space from now until August in hopes I will keep my work load from stacking up. It's a great problem to have, and Lord willing this space will be awesome. I am so looking forward to what this area will have to offer our babies and young TBC families.

I am on day II of doing T25 workout. I like it OK. I loved going to Jazzercise. I miss it. I miss getting out of the house for "me" time. After Kendal and Qman, I just struggled to commit to a class time. So, we have a treadmill, an elliptical, and  a TV hooked up in the garage so I can leave and go workout there. Not the same, but it's better then nothing. I just hate home workouts, again, it is better then nothing. My body has changed. After Mia was born,  it was somewhat easy to loose weight. Five years and two babies later I am finding it to be a struggle. A huge struggle. I have made some little goals that will hopefully work up to some big goals. We will see... pray fro me.

Wrapping up... I hope everyone is kicking off their week well. Check back soon for more updates and daycare pictures. Happy Monday y'all!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Bunny Friday...

 Today is hat day at school... the kids each paid 1.00 to wear hats. The Student Council is donating the money to the Humane Society.
 This morning, E brought her bunny, Murphy to daycare. We have been talking about Bunnies, Ducks, and all things Spring this week.  Each of the kiddos were able to feed a treat, touch him, or hold him. Murphy did great with all of the attention!

 Our bunny art...
My Friday morning crew!!!