Friday, April 25, 2014

Random pictures and a little thing called life...

 Last Wednesday night we wrapped up Awana with award night. Gaby finished her last year with a book 2 award. She was pretty excited and it was a great way to complete her time in Awana. This summer Gaby will be moving into middle school which will meet on Wednesday nights.
 Mia earned a participation award for Sparks. She didn't finish her book but on average did a verse a night. This was Mia's first year in Sparks. Our Awana program at TBC has wrapped up it's 5th year.

 Easter weekend... Missing Gaby and Qman. We had our niece and nephew (and their parents) come, have lunch and a fun egg hunt.
 My crazy ol' family...
 Qman looking all stud like here with the open button down shirt... actually this kid never stops moving anymore. So, you have to act fast in order to get him dressed.

 Our Cubbie awards night was on the 16th. We had a lot of preschoolers finish their book, saying 26 bible verses. Kenni earned a book completion award. This is her first year in Cubbies.

 And this is how my family really is... goofy faces, never all looking at the camera, baby about to drop onto the ground, and laughing. Oh well.
 Monday was the SH school board meeting. Our elementary school puts on a dinner for the board before their meeting. This was my PTO task. Another PTO mom and I went and got all the supplies bought and ready for the evening and D was our grill person. It was a neat way to say thanks to the board for all they do.
 Yesterday we had a heavy rain storm during the day that cancelled our soccer game for Kadyn and practice for Gaby. As I am enjoying an unexpected night at home, Dustin looks at me and asks if we want to go to a hockey game. At first, the night at home was winning out but after the kids all agreed they wanted to go, we packed up and hit the ice. Kids got in free and it was a good game. I was glad we went even though it was a late night for everyone.
 Qman did great at his first game. Towards the end he was getting so tired and then fell asleep.
 Today was Kansas Kids Day for the 3rd graders. And of course, here is my favorite 3rd grader. The school buys the kids shirts and puts on a fun morning of Jazzercise, games, and safety presentations from an arson dog, police, and fire fighters. It was a great day to be outdoors for most of the rotations. The morning ended with a special lunch provided by the school. 
 Kadyn running laps for one of the games. Days like today I am so glad I have some flexibility in my work schedule. I am glad that Dustin fills in for daycare so I can be a part of my girls' life even when they are at school. I love being able to go to field trips, go to Kansas Kid Day, and have lunch with my kiddos.
 Kk with the ambulance... they were able to go in, see the back part of it, and the equipment that the AMR team carries with them at all time.
After Kadyn's lunch and morning was over, I was just in time to have lunch with this girly. She was surprised I was there. She is so not talkative at lunch which cracks me up. I loved giving her mid-day kisses and love. I truly miss me kids while they are away in school.
And speaking of school... This little firecracker will be going to SHES next year for preschool. I am so excited that she will be there. Kadyn, Mia have both been able to go and have had awesome experiences in this program. Even though we do a preschool morning at daycare, I still send my kids to "school" so the transition into Kindergarten is easier. I want our kids to know I am not their only teacher and so far this has worked for us. So... look out Ms. Tracie, Ms. Melissa, and Ms. Liz... 2 more Fluke's to go!!!

Happy Friday!

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