Wednesday, November 28, 2012

hmmm.... to tell or not to tell!

Yep! That is baby #5 in there.
Yes, we are excited.
No, we were not trying for "that boy".
Yes, Gaby knew and spilled the beans.
Yes, we denied it because family didn't know yet.
Yes, I have morning sickness, afternoon sickness, and evening sickness. 
Yes, I am still able to function highly and work is not compromised. 
Yes, the timing is good, God willing, I will deliver around June 3rd. 
Yes, I am in my second trimester.
Yes! That puts me at 13 weeks, 4 days.
Yep, we know how this happens. 
Yes, we always wanted a big family.


 Our ladybug under cover art... since the weather is changing, the animals are finding warmer places.
 Our building block creations...
 The kids are getting really good at stacking and building with the blocks...

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Time for a random post

 This is a typical night at our house... doesn't everyone dance in their swim suits in the middle of the day?? If not, maybe we all should- they had a  blast doing it. I love our relaxed time at home. This was over our five days off for Thanksgiving. We pretty much did nothing but prepare dinner and get Christmas decor up. I loved it!

I haven't been very good at taking daycare pictures lately. Sometimes we just get started and the pictures are an after thought. Trying to get back to doing a better job of it.

We have been doing circle time in the living room lately. I am flustered that I have a learning area in Kendal's room. Every day I have the calendar, colors, numbers, and shapes set up. But because they are in her room, she plays with them, rearranges the display and calendars and it just gets old putting together everyday. I am brain storming other places to move our space... Agh! I LOVE having a 2 year old, I love having a 2 year old, I love having a 2 year old. 

I am ready for Christmas. I would say 99% of my Christmas shopping is complete. I am so excited for this. December marks crazy time at the church with Christmas events that need childcare, Dustin is more involved at the light show at TBC, and our kids' holiday activities will be happening as well. So, it was just easier to get it done a little early. Now that we have the tree up, I am ready to start wrapping gifts and relaxing! (Um, somewhat)

So, Kendal is going through the best stage that a two year old could be going through. The "I don't want to nap but I am still needing a nap but will fight it to death" stage.  She is climbing out of her bed. We need to buy her a big girl bed but I am avoiding it. But she is ready. She will play in her room the entire nap time. Then the last 20 minutes crash. When I wake her up, she is nasty grumpy. She needs sleep. I wish she would just realize it. I am hoping it is a stage and she will get over it soon. In the meantime, we are looking for a bigger twin size bed. By bigger, I mean, off the floor, a little high up,  type of bed.

Last week was a short week for us. We were open Monday and Tuesday then had five days off. I feel so guilty but I am already counting down to Christmas vacation. I love what I do so I feel bad that I am counting down. But, I love having my kids home, relaxed days, and we may even plan a mini vacation out of state. It is still in the works but however we spend our time it will be as a family. I love my peanuts and just miss them when they are at school.

I am planning our December Christmas party for daycare- I am hoping to switch it all up this year- try something new and see how it goes. (Parents: look for details soon...)

I am at 12 classes out of 20 for my holiday attendance reward at Jazzercise. I started out really well then got busy and last two weeks have been so much better. I have finally weighed in again and am down 4 more pounds. I am excited. I am doing my best to make it a lifestyle not a diet, sounds easy right?? !! I had several friends complete their first 5K this past Saturday night at the Topeka Christmas parade. I was super happy for them. I miss the thought of running... I don't miss running though. I hope that will change but until it does, Jazzercise is my route.

Above: Is our Thanksgiving tables for our Fluke/Dorsett/Smoot dinner. I was happy with how it all turned out. Even though Gaby was mad she had to eat in the dinning room since she couldn't have food on the carpet!

Dustin has our house all decked out in lights. This year he added movement of the lights and music. If you know where we are located you should stop by. It looks pretty cool.

I guess that is all for rambling... I hope all is well and you are ready to kick off the Christmas season! This next month I pray our hearts stay focused on why we celebrate Christmas, why it is important, and why this time is a great time to help lead people to Christ through our holiday business.


 Our learning board this week... Letter K. Next week we get a new letter, number(s), and color(s) to work on. Today we read a favorite title... trying to hold off til December for the Christmas books.
 Working on hibernating bears... because it's "getting colder". Which is our theme.
Kenni showing off her art project after a massive fit because I had to take it away from her to staple together. Wow!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Our Thanksgiving Meal...

 Today we spent most of the morning in the kitchen... We mashed sweet potatoes for our lunch today.
 We also made green bean casserole... which I knew most of the kids would not eat. ( I was correct- but they all tried it.)
 Taking turns, mixing and stirring...
 Adding brown sugar and marshmallows...
 Our pumpkin pie art... shaking all the spices.
 Working on their Thanksgiving picture...
 The lil peanuts eating their meal... carpi suns were a huge hit!
 Getting ready to say our prayer... the kids were so excited for "the big meal". One of the peanuts said, "wow, this is fancy".
After all the eating had started... we had so much food. Even my good eaters were stuffed today!

I love these kids and I am so thankful for them. I love getting to work with them each day. We certainly have our up's and down's but I have love having this daycare family of mine. This year was a huge transition year as we brought on 5 new kiddos. It is awesome to see how quickly each child becomes a part of our family. I can't say it enough... I am thankful for my daycare kids and their families.

As much as I LOVE my job, I am super excited for having the next five days off. I can't wait to have some relaxed, no morning routine, sloppy PJ's wearing family time!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Star Student...

 Last Friday Kadyn brought home her poster for star student week. She was able to answer all the questions and her teacher hung her poster up in the classroom. Yesterday Dustin met Kadyn for lunch at school and today I was able to have lunch with her!
I went a couple minutes early so I could visit her room, see her work, and walk with her to the lunch room. After lunch we went outside for her recess. It was fun to see who she hung out with, what they played, and how she socialized with others. I am proud of my 2nd grade star student, Kadyn.

After she went inside, I was able to catch Gaby in the lunch room. We moved over to the the "talking" table and we finished out her lunch time together. I was excited to get to see both of my school-aged peanuts before heading home. It is so nice to know they still enjoy having Dustin and I come up to visit them. Having mom and dad there is still a cool thing... not sure how much longer I have that with Gaby- I'll take it as long as I can!

What a great hour of my day! Happy Tuesday!


 Working in groups with the bristle blocks...
 Second group working with tinker toys...
 Today we colored Thankful Turkey's.
 After the turkey's were colored, the kids told me what they were thankful for. I wrote it on the feathers. We had a lot, "I am thankful, dad, my toys, my animals".
Kids in motion during dance and music time.

Monday, November 12, 2012

my mini rant

I never hang things on the refrigerator.  I don't like how it looks but I am at wits end on where to put all the "important" notes, reading logs, project details, spelling lists, and poems to read!

I have a note board for important things I need to keep for the kids. It's already filled up. This morning I looked through the kids' bag and about wanted to cry. This week they have book slips to send in everyday to participate in a special event for school. This is on top of Gaby's weekly log, and Mia and Kadyn's monthly logs.

I am not complaining- okay I am, just a little. I am overwhelmed with everything the kids are required to do and I am not the one even doing the work.

Gaby has a huge social studies project due this Friday, I know once this is completed, 2 notes will get to come down. I am looking forward to this.

I love that my kids are being pushed to do well in school however when do they get a little, just a little free play??? I know having four kids we will always have a full refrigerator. I just hope our kids feel like they can be kids, not get overwhelmed like I feel, and continue to do their best!!!


 Saturday was a super windy day... the kids went with Dustin to fly a kite. One afternoon, Dustin was driving and spotted two huge kites in someones trash. He brought them home and the kids have enjoyed having them.
 Saturday afternoon we geared up for holiday pictures with Santa. This year I got smart. I moved all the bathroom stuff like hair spray, curling iron, and clips out to the living room. This way Gaby could watch TV and not fight me to fix her hair.
 The kids had every techie device on while I fixed everyone's hair... TV was on, Mia played her DS, and Kenni watched her show on the Kindle Fire. I know, I know! But anyone who has tried to get 4 younger children dressed, hair fixed and out the door in one piece will understand.
Gaby's after... I was very pleased with how she acted towards pictures this year. No fighting, arguing, or pouting. I am excited to see how the holiday pictures turn out!

Our reading party-Friday

 On Friday we made cool tents for our reading party. The boys wanted their own tent...
 The girls had to have their own too...
 This past week, all the peanuts completed a reading log of the books they read at home with mom and dad. They brought it back on Thursday for a prize. On Friday the kids were able to bring their favorite book to share.
 We read through nine books at circle time... whew!
Then we voted on which book was our favorite... most of the kids ended up standing by their own book. One kiddo changed and stood by a peers book.

We had our book party to end our "Book Worm" theme. Now we are moving on to Happy Harvest!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thursday Randoms.

No pictures today, just randoms. We are on a slight break from soccer, Mia and Kadyn already home from dance tonight, Mia is finished with her bath and homework is being worked on. My brain seems to be going a million different ways as we just added three more items to the holiday months tonight alone. I always get flustered this time a year. So tomorrow my big pressing issue will be to make my holiday "to-do" list so I can get organized and UN-flustered. Again, this happens every year.

My hair... I am thankful I can wear it several ways. I love it short. I need a hair cut but haven't made it a priority yet. So, when it is longer, I stop straightening it and leave it curly. I have had more compliments on my hair this week alone then I have in several weeks, months even. I love my curls... allows for me to have a 5 minute do in the morning. So, as long as everyone likes the wild curls, I'm gonna keep doing it that way!

I have been searching Pinterst like crazy for some fun, homemade, budget friendly ideas for nursery staff, teachers, and odd people you always forget to grab something for. Each year I look at my Christmas list and see who I can cross off. Our list is as small as it is getting I am afraid. On a side note, I am excited to get out Christmas decor out this weekend... earlier I do it, the less scrooge like I become. I even picked up a cute Hello Kitty inflatable for the yard.

I have been so convicted on gossip and rumors as of late. God has put this heavy on my heart. I am a very outgoing person and it is a hard line for me to try (and fail at) not crossing. I look at all the rumors, gossip that surrounds me and it is tough not to get involved. But, I am aware and I will not. I strive to be a friend that is loyal, loving, and can be trusted. As I have gotten older, I have learned such an important lesson. I'd rather have 1-2 loyal and honest friends then to have more that will talk behind your back and keep you at the topic of gossip.

Kendal was sick last week with a cough/cold. We took her to the doctor ASAP due to daycare and being around a lot of kids. She was kind enough to pass her ickies to me last weekend. I missed my nursery shift on Sunday because of it. I am excited that this week we have been so much better.

While I wasn't feeling good, my hottie of a hubby was a super duper huge help. I love that I don't have to ask him to help out.  He doesn't act like I am putting him out, and he just takes initiative and makes dinner, takes on the kids, and let me rest. I love him for so many reasons but the fact is able to do so much for our family is just amazing. What a stud!

Daycare is going well. I got my inspection paperwork in the mail and I am double checking everything to get ready for this.  The rules and regulations have changed quite a bit and I pray that Dustin and I are doing our best to provide care and to be in compliance. I just completed my bi-year report for my KQIRS program. What this means is that I can get grant money without my inspection since we met the 4-star level. I am excited and hoping to get some technology through a tablet, toys, or something. My brain is still thinking this out.

Nursery is still keeping me busy. I love the leadership role I have and how it works out to work from home, do daycare, and still work at the church. My church job is so different from daycare.  I.LOVE.IT. We are so blessed to have a paid nursery staff to provide care for Sunday's, woman's ministry's, special events events ect. I love the gals I work with. Like I said, I love the leadership however I miss the kids. When I am at the church, I am spent doing prep, copies, lesson planing and doing the things I can't do from home. Which means less time in the rooms. It is just like Awana Cubbies. Since moving up to director I have met so many wonderful people who love God and who love children. However, I am not assigned a group of kids so I miss out on developing the more intimate relationship. Every Wednesday I try to spend time in each room however the time is sometimes spent putting out little fires. Our Wednesday night flies by. I sure hope somehow I am putting out the message that each and everyone of my 88 little Cubbie friends are important to God, and to me.

I love Spotify. I have it on nonstop during the day just for background. Only bad thing is when I am in the car wanting to listen to my playlists and not having it with me. Bummer! 

Jazzercise is going well. I am averaging 3-4 times a week. Which seems to be an okay pace for me right now. I am down 5 pounds, which is nice to see some progress again. I kinda just stopped caring for a while. And while I am not "die hard" dieting, I am trying to make better choices.

Dustin and I have a date night tomorrow. It came up last minute and I am excited that everything lined up how it did. The invite came from my sister in law to join them at the theater.  Yes, Please!!!

This week the kids and I have been discussing books, parts of a book, and book worm type of activities. Tomorrow we are having a "Book Party". The kids have to complete a reading log for a prize, and bring their favorite book to read to daycare. I am excited. I even bought cute little monkey bookmarks. Yes, it is the little things!

I guess that is enough ramblings... Gaby is now showering and Dustin, the stud, has started bedtime routines while I blog away! Thanks for letting me ramble... until next time!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012


 Today we turned out letter "I" into insects. We also made bookmarks to go with our bookworm theme.
 After circle time we played hide and seek... each time the kids counted we tried to go higher and higher. We were up to 43 before we skipped a lot of numbers.
Fun Tuesday Morning...

Monday, November 5, 2012


Starting our Halloween out at the school. This year was Mia's first year to walk in the SHES parade as a preschooler! She had a blast and didn't stop smiling the entire time. 

Kadyn the genie walking with her hippie friend, Noah. 

Gaby and her 5th grade class. As soon as she saw Dustin and I she turned and we didn't get any more pictures of her. I guess that is what happens when you get older! 

Mia at her party... 

The school aged peanuts

Ready to tick or treat

Dustin took a picture and Kadyn fell into Gaby causing her to fall... it was a pretty good laugh! 

In the neighborhood.... 

Carving time...


The kids had a blast with Dustin... they all did their own faces and designs expect for Kenni. She hated the touch and the smell. She is SO my child. Mia would decorate her pumpkin with markers first then cut them. They all turned out super cute for Halloween night!