Monday, November 12, 2012

my mini rant

I never hang things on the refrigerator.  I don't like how it looks but I am at wits end on where to put all the "important" notes, reading logs, project details, spelling lists, and poems to read!

I have a note board for important things I need to keep for the kids. It's already filled up. This morning I looked through the kids' bag and about wanted to cry. This week they have book slips to send in everyday to participate in a special event for school. This is on top of Gaby's weekly log, and Mia and Kadyn's monthly logs.

I am not complaining- okay I am, just a little. I am overwhelmed with everything the kids are required to do and I am not the one even doing the work.

Gaby has a huge social studies project due this Friday, I know once this is completed, 2 notes will get to come down. I am looking forward to this.

I love that my kids are being pushed to do well in school however when do they get a little, just a little free play??? I know having four kids we will always have a full refrigerator. I just hope our kids feel like they can be kids, not get overwhelmed like I feel, and continue to do their best!!!

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