Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Star Student...

 Last Friday Kadyn brought home her poster for star student week. She was able to answer all the questions and her teacher hung her poster up in the classroom. Yesterday Dustin met Kadyn for lunch at school and today I was able to have lunch with her!
I went a couple minutes early so I could visit her room, see her work, and walk with her to the lunch room. After lunch we went outside for her recess. It was fun to see who she hung out with, what they played, and how she socialized with others. I am proud of my 2nd grade star student, Kadyn.

After she went inside, I was able to catch Gaby in the lunch room. We moved over to the the "talking" table and we finished out her lunch time together. I was excited to get to see both of my school-aged peanuts before heading home. It is so nice to know they still enjoy having Dustin and I come up to visit them. Having mom and dad there is still a cool thing... not sure how much longer I have that with Gaby- I'll take it as long as I can!

What a great hour of my day! Happy Tuesday!

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