Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Time for a random post

 This is a typical night at our house... doesn't everyone dance in their swim suits in the middle of the day?? If not, maybe we all should- they had a  blast doing it. I love our relaxed time at home. This was over our five days off for Thanksgiving. We pretty much did nothing but prepare dinner and get Christmas decor up. I loved it!

I haven't been very good at taking daycare pictures lately. Sometimes we just get started and the pictures are an after thought. Trying to get back to doing a better job of it.

We have been doing circle time in the living room lately. I am flustered that I have a learning area in Kendal's room. Every day I have the calendar, colors, numbers, and shapes set up. But because they are in her room, she plays with them, rearranges the display and calendars and it just gets old putting together everyday. I am brain storming other places to move our space... Agh! I LOVE having a 2 year old, I love having a 2 year old, I love having a 2 year old. 

I am ready for Christmas. I would say 99% of my Christmas shopping is complete. I am so excited for this. December marks crazy time at the church with Christmas events that need childcare, Dustin is more involved at the light show at TBC, and our kids' holiday activities will be happening as well. So, it was just easier to get it done a little early. Now that we have the tree up, I am ready to start wrapping gifts and relaxing! (Um, somewhat)

So, Kendal is going through the best stage that a two year old could be going through. The "I don't want to nap but I am still needing a nap but will fight it to death" stage.  She is climbing out of her bed. We need to buy her a big girl bed but I am avoiding it. But she is ready. She will play in her room the entire nap time. Then the last 20 minutes crash. When I wake her up, she is nasty grumpy. She needs sleep. I wish she would just realize it. I am hoping it is a stage and she will get over it soon. In the meantime, we are looking for a bigger twin size bed. By bigger, I mean, off the floor, a little high up,  type of bed.

Last week was a short week for us. We were open Monday and Tuesday then had five days off. I feel so guilty but I am already counting down to Christmas vacation. I love what I do so I feel bad that I am counting down. But, I love having my kids home, relaxed days, and we may even plan a mini vacation out of state. It is still in the works but however we spend our time it will be as a family. I love my peanuts and just miss them when they are at school.

I am planning our December Christmas party for daycare- I am hoping to switch it all up this year- try something new and see how it goes. (Parents: look for details soon...)

I am at 12 classes out of 20 for my holiday attendance reward at Jazzercise. I started out really well then got busy and last two weeks have been so much better. I have finally weighed in again and am down 4 more pounds. I am excited. I am doing my best to make it a lifestyle not a diet, sounds easy right?? !! I had several friends complete their first 5K this past Saturday night at the Topeka Christmas parade. I was super happy for them. I miss the thought of running... I don't miss running though. I hope that will change but until it does, Jazzercise is my route.

Above: Is our Thanksgiving tables for our Fluke/Dorsett/Smoot dinner. I was happy with how it all turned out. Even though Gaby was mad she had to eat in the dinning room since she couldn't have food on the carpet!

Dustin has our house all decked out in lights. This year he added movement of the lights and music. If you know where we are located you should stop by. It looks pretty cool.

I guess that is all for rambling... I hope all is well and you are ready to kick off the Christmas season! This next month I pray our hearts stay focused on why we celebrate Christmas, why it is important, and why this time is a great time to help lead people to Christ through our holiday business.

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