Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thursday Randoms.

No pictures today, just randoms. We are on a slight break from soccer, Mia and Kadyn already home from dance tonight, Mia is finished with her bath and homework is being worked on. My brain seems to be going a million different ways as we just added three more items to the holiday months tonight alone. I always get flustered this time a year. So tomorrow my big pressing issue will be to make my holiday "to-do" list so I can get organized and UN-flustered. Again, this happens every year.

My hair... I am thankful I can wear it several ways. I love it short. I need a hair cut but haven't made it a priority yet. So, when it is longer, I stop straightening it and leave it curly. I have had more compliments on my hair this week alone then I have in several weeks, months even. I love my curls... allows for me to have a 5 minute do in the morning. So, as long as everyone likes the wild curls, I'm gonna keep doing it that way!

I have been searching Pinterst like crazy for some fun, homemade, budget friendly ideas for nursery staff, teachers, and odd people you always forget to grab something for. Each year I look at my Christmas list and see who I can cross off. Our list is as small as it is getting I am afraid. On a side note, I am excited to get out Christmas decor out this weekend... earlier I do it, the less scrooge like I become. I even picked up a cute Hello Kitty inflatable for the yard.

I have been so convicted on gossip and rumors as of late. God has put this heavy on my heart. I am a very outgoing person and it is a hard line for me to try (and fail at) not crossing. I look at all the rumors, gossip that surrounds me and it is tough not to get involved. But, I am aware and I will not. I strive to be a friend that is loyal, loving, and can be trusted. As I have gotten older, I have learned such an important lesson. I'd rather have 1-2 loyal and honest friends then to have more that will talk behind your back and keep you at the topic of gossip.

Kendal was sick last week with a cough/cold. We took her to the doctor ASAP due to daycare and being around a lot of kids. She was kind enough to pass her ickies to me last weekend. I missed my nursery shift on Sunday because of it. I am excited that this week we have been so much better.

While I wasn't feeling good, my hottie of a hubby was a super duper huge help. I love that I don't have to ask him to help out.  He doesn't act like I am putting him out, and he just takes initiative and makes dinner, takes on the kids, and let me rest. I love him for so many reasons but the fact is able to do so much for our family is just amazing. What a stud!

Daycare is going well. I got my inspection paperwork in the mail and I am double checking everything to get ready for this.  The rules and regulations have changed quite a bit and I pray that Dustin and I are doing our best to provide care and to be in compliance. I just completed my bi-year report for my KQIRS program. What this means is that I can get grant money without my inspection since we met the 4-star level. I am excited and hoping to get some technology through a tablet, toys, or something. My brain is still thinking this out.

Nursery is still keeping me busy. I love the leadership role I have and how it works out to work from home, do daycare, and still work at the church. My church job is so different from daycare.  I.LOVE.IT. We are so blessed to have a paid nursery staff to provide care for Sunday's, woman's ministry's, special events events ect. I love the gals I work with. Like I said, I love the leadership however I miss the kids. When I am at the church, I am spent doing prep, copies, lesson planing and doing the things I can't do from home. Which means less time in the rooms. It is just like Awana Cubbies. Since moving up to director I have met so many wonderful people who love God and who love children. However, I am not assigned a group of kids so I miss out on developing the more intimate relationship. Every Wednesday I try to spend time in each room however the time is sometimes spent putting out little fires. Our Wednesday night flies by. I sure hope somehow I am putting out the message that each and everyone of my 88 little Cubbie friends are important to God, and to me.

I love Spotify. I have it on nonstop during the day just for background. Only bad thing is when I am in the car wanting to listen to my playlists and not having it with me. Bummer! 

Jazzercise is going well. I am averaging 3-4 times a week. Which seems to be an okay pace for me right now. I am down 5 pounds, which is nice to see some progress again. I kinda just stopped caring for a while. And while I am not "die hard" dieting, I am trying to make better choices.

Dustin and I have a date night tomorrow. It came up last minute and I am excited that everything lined up how it did. The invite came from my sister in law to join them at the theater.  Yes, Please!!!

This week the kids and I have been discussing books, parts of a book, and book worm type of activities. Tomorrow we are having a "Book Party". The kids have to complete a reading log for a prize, and bring their favorite book to read to daycare. I am excited. I even bought cute little monkey bookmarks. Yes, it is the little things!

I guess that is enough ramblings... Gaby is now showering and Dustin, the stud, has started bedtime routines while I blog away! Thanks for letting me ramble... until next time!

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