Monday, September 8, 2014

My soccer girls...

This weekend we had 5 games with all 4 girls playing. Mia and Kendal played their first game on Saturday. Dustin is their coach so we could control practice times ect. This is Kendal's first year playing and unfortunately she is playing up. On Dustin's team, Mia is the oldest (misses the deadline by 15 days) and Kendal is the youngest!

We had a beautiful weekend for soccer. Mia is in the middle in red. At her age it is fun to watch. Herding cats might be easier then teaching soccer at to this age...
 Mia and Kenni ready to kick off...
 Gaby goo jumped up to 11 vs. 11 playing field. Wowza. Their field is huge. There team held their own but ended up losing both games by 1 point. (Maybe 2 on the second one). Gaby has a strong leg- she played defense and got the ball out several times. It was awesome to watch this age as it is co-ed and all middle school. It is fast paced and aggressive. Makes for a fun time...

 This is the saddest face ever... on the way to the game he picked up a piece of gum and started chewing it ( from our house, thanks goodness) and when Dad took it out Qman was uber sad!

 She looks so grown... Gaby truly loves middle school and everything that came with it. She has embraced it just has she did with this soccer season! A new team, new rules, and much more!!! Love her!

 Kk had an early morning game on Saturday and then a 2:30 game on Sunday. I had to miss Sunday on as Gaby played at the same time. So, Dustin and I divided up and watched our girls play.

Kadyn's personality certainly comes out in her soccer playing. She tries her best ALL OF THE TIME. She may not be the strongest or the best player but she comes ready to play and gives it her all. She came home pretty bummed and then turned into tears after her weekend of games. Kadyn felt as though she did her best but it wasn't good enough. The second half of one games she was played 3 minutes.  She came to us asking what she can do to be better so she can play more? My heart was broken.

This kid is a fighter... things do not come easy to her and yet she does not give up. And I love that about her. It is that way with school, dance, reading, and soccer. So... we will keep working with her at home and in her free time just like we do with school work, dance, reading and now soccer.

My little cuties...

 I was facing the sun but loved this picture as Dustin was out there coaching the team before the game started.
Kenni's first game and she was all smiles!

Can't wait for our next weekend of soccer games....


 Last week was our first "official" start of preschool... even though we have been doing our routine and learning rules already... we started last week with the letter A. (our handwriting sheets finally came in so we had A and B today)

 Ready for Monday's circle time (Mr.L was off to the side, and wasn't interested in sitting for stories, and Q just sits in the middle where he can get most attention from everyone!)

 Our Classic back to school books... these are my favorites!

 Dancing time... we love some tooty tot! (Thumbs up, elbows back, feet out, knees together, bottom out, eyes closed, tongue out)
 A new addition to our lessons are cool characters. This is "Kara the kind koala". We just so happen to have Dustin's koala from his childhood... so we have our every own Kara for daycare. (Dustin will kill me once he hears the daycare calling this by a new name, lol )

 When feeding this little guy, I hit on the floor so Q can still be close. Every feeding Q comes over and becomes the most lovable little boy ever. He always says, "mom" when I am feeding Joe. I think he is marking his territory maybe? I do love having Joe around because in the middle of a busy daycare day, we stop to feed and cuddle, and is a great reminder to slow down sometimes.

 My boys playing around during free time...

 L told me she was taking pictures on her computer... I love her doll she put be side her!

 Hard at work on our letter A and B...
"Mom, take a picture of my B's"....

Happy Monday!

Friday, August 22, 2014


 Between Me breaking my iphone and getting a new to me one set up, I haven't taken as many pictures this week.
Yesterday we worked on our letters in our name.
 We used name cards and matched up our letters as well.
 Random silly face with the boys...
 Our group and their name hats...
Another random... this cutie pie is ready for her first soccer practice. It's tonight at 5:30, she is only 9 hours early. Oh well. Can't wait to see Kenni and Mia on the same team this year!

Family Pictures (July 2014)

 Thanks to a family friend Brie, we had our family pictures taken. I am in love with out sneak peak. I can't wait to see the rest and get them printed.

 My silly kids... love that we can have fun, laugh, and make faces at each other
 Dustin and I...
 Gaby... 12 years old (7th grade)
 Kadyn... 9 years old (4th grade)
 Mia... 6 years old (1st grade)
 Kendal... 4 (preschool)
Quentin...14 mo. (daycare)

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Another milestone...

 And another milestone... Kendal and J are going to preschool. They will be going in the afternoon to SHES four days a week. She is the 3rd Fluke to attend this program.
 I love this picture...  they were excited to go.
 My sassy miss... She loves having a school to go to.
 I am in love with her outfit and red boots. Since she doesn't go to school until 1, I had time to fix her hair. She was a cutie.
Silly School Selfie!!!

Back to school...

 Yesterday Gaby went to Middle School. She was so calm and cool about which made me even more emotional. She didn't need her momma. I am excited she is loving school, yes, only on day one, but she loves it.
 Today the elementary school started school... I had one very excited Mia ready for 1st grade.

 Kadyn was even ready to embark on her journey to 4th grade...
 My elementary school girls.
 And then there is Qman... it's his first day of....doing nothing but looking cute!
 A busy morning...bus stop kiddos and my daycare kiddos outside to watch the bus come.
 And there they went... the first day in the books!
 My new little buddy, Joe and his brother. I was asking his brother if I could keep him and he quickly said no. After that he came over and gave his brother a big hug. Super cute to see their bond!!!

 Our circle time books...
I love, love, love our summers and love, love, love having my kids home. However it adds a level of trickery to daycare. My kids don't nap, they want to play and just be kids. So, after I wipe my tears the first day of school is nice on the daycare front. I get to hang out with my little peanuts again. Here is my crew!!! So excited to see what our preschool year has in store for us.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Our week thus far...

 Monday we had 2 kiddos start for the 2014-2015 school year... A neighbor brought down new books and puzzles which was awesome because this little cutie pie loves her puzzles.

 Coloring and legos...

 Kenni's prize from a nap time field trip with dad.

 Today, this little guy came back. His momma is a teacher so he stayed home over the summer. We sure did miss him!

 L was trying to scare me with the dinosaur puppet...

 J brought someone back to daycare with him... I have a feeling he will be very protected!!!

 Big Man Q.
 First nap for his first day... so precious.
 Sister playing with the blocks.

 This was my lap this AM. Baby in my arms, and baby in my lap. Qman wasn't so sure at first.

 First day at daycare art for baby J...

 Outside time before it gets too hot...

The secret hideout....

Happy Wednesday.