Thursday, May 11, 2017

A peek into Mother's Day

It is no secret... I do not like Mother's Day. 

I am not a perfect mom. 
I have laundry piles stacked up, dishes from last night in the sink, dust layers on the TV stand and bathroom toilets that have dried pee on them from little boys that can't aim. 

I am not a perfect mom. 
But each day I try my best and some days I don't. 
And that is OK. 

I am not a perfect mom. 
My husband still loves me the same if dishes are done or if they are still in the sink. 
My kids still love me the same if laundry is on the table or in their room. 

I am not a perfect mom. 
And I do not like Mother's Day. 

I want my husband to love me and tell me I am an "OK" mother throughout the year not just one day. 
I want my kids to grow up respecting me and knowing what it takes to keep "us" going daily not on a Hallmark holiday. 

Don't get me wrong, I love being spoiled. And I love getting fun gifts from the kids. 
But what I really need... 
Lift me up.  Pray for me. Tell me I did an "ok" job at parenting today. 
Not every day. But not just one day of the year. 

(Qman's daycare gift)  

Our weird daycare  Mother's Day card. It was supposed to look like a cupcake. 
It doesn't. 
Oh well. #daycarefail 
It's the thought that counts, right?!?! 

Kenni's gift from school... On the last day of their 1St grade school store, Kendal spent her tickets on something for me. She said it was for Mother's Day. But I couldn't wait, so she gave it to me early. It sits on my night stand, by my pictures and window. 

Happy Mother's Day to all my, "not perfect, OK" moms! 
We rock! 

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