Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Oily Talk: What oils I use Morning, Noon, Night

I love all things essential oils(I know, shocker) ... I have a routine for my day that I thought I would share with you. Even though I have been using oils for 2.5 years, it's only been the last 6-8 months that I have explored Young Living's supplements.  They are amazing. Just like their oils. Who knew?!?! Lemme show you how I use some of my favorites daily! 

I start my morning out with Progressence Plus on the inside of my arms. This serum is amazing. Not only will it support healthy skin, it will help those girly hormones changes that happen when you get old, I mean age gracefully. A couple of months ago I started using PP because I was feeling a little up and down when it came to emotions. Adding this to my morning has really changed my roller-coaster ride. 

My next combo is Cel-Lite massage oil and Cypress. I don't know about you but I have some unwanted lumps and bumps on my body. So, I use these on my legs. I use the massage oil all over my legs then Cypress behind my knee. I have some bumpy veins and when I workout they become painful. Cypress is amazing and supports healthy blood flow which makes my bumpy veins not painful. Yay. 
When I head to the bathroom, I brush my teeth with Thieves toothpaste along with a drop of Orange. I will never use any other toothpaste again. My mouth feels so clean and the orange helps whiten them. Love me some Orange! 

I wash my face and use my buddy Frankincense when I use my face moisturizer. I drop every morning will support my healthy young looking face/skin. Plus, it wakes me up. After I rub it on my face, I cup my hands together and inhale. I am so not a morning person and this gets me up and moving. 

After I fix lunch for daycare and nap time is about to start, I drink a cup of cold water ( or tea) in a glass cup/jar. I add one/two drops of Lemon essential oil in my glass of water or tea. It has a fresh taste and does great things for cleansing my digestive system. It also allowed me to ditch Dr. Pepper. Ok, I still have one can every 2-4weeks. But that is a huge change from one to two cans a day. Lemon is also fun to use when cleaning, or have a tricky sticker goo to remove from a surface. 

I also take YL Super B supplement. Wow wow! Most people take this first thing in the morning. I save it for mid-morning/lunch time. My energy level tanks about noon, so I drink my water or tea and take Super B pills. Then for the extra boost, I put a drop of En-R-Gee on my wrists and I am ready to tackle laundry, daycare paperwork, church job tasks, and house stuff. I love that I can get a natural "kick" of energy when I need it the most. 

Night time!! 
I have several oils that I just keep on my shelf in our bedroom; Peppermint, Peace and Calming, Cedarwood, Cypress, Surrender, Lavender, Ylang Ylang, and Pan Away. Depending how I am feeling, I pick a couple and start to diffuse it. My favorite night time combo is Cedarwood and Lavender. 

Again, a couple of months ago, I was feeling unbalanced and emotional. I added Thyromin to my nightly routine. It has some awesome oils in it like Myrrh and Spearmint that support a healthy thyroid. Amazing.

This past year I started having trouble sleeping. Stress Sucks. I would diffuse oils and sleep til 3-4am then wake up worrying about the world. I added Tranquil roll on to my night time shelf. Can we say soundly sleeping??? I don't use this magic roller very night. I use it when I am stressed, feeling emotional, PMSing, or if I wake up at 3am, I roll it on and I am back to sleep within minutes. Love, love, LOVE this roll on. 

I also have a couple of oils for frisky time... ahem, you know what I mean. I stated earlier Cypress helps with blood flow. Well, add 1-2 drops along your inner thigh and watch out. Ylang Ylang is amazing too. I like to diffuse this gem and put it along my inner thigh as well. For more info,  check out, "Lucy Libido, there is an oil for that. This book is a game changer for oils to use under the sheets. I made her edible lube , Happy Mrs. oil blend, Mr. Happy oil blend and Mr. Perky pills. I had to test them all out, right??? I love how we had added oils into our bedroom. Ok, yes, I went there... I have 5 children, I didn't get them by myself, y'all. TRY THEM. You are thinking, "Oh, I don't need any help in that department, we are good". I thought that too. Just do some research, buy some oils, and take your lovin' to the next level. You will thank me. 

This week I am sending out oily samples. If you are interested in trying an oil I mentioned or just  what to try a favorite of mine, let me know. Young Living is the only brand of oils I trust for me and my family!
Happy Wednesday! 

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