Friday, May 5, 2017

All things Friday...

You made it, I made it, we all made it. 

It is Friday. 

I really love all things about Friday. 

The sun is shinning.
My workout is done.
Preschool lessons are complete.
Windows are open.
Lunch is cooking.
My diffusers are going. 
Daycare friends are getting along. 
Bills are paid.
Fun weekend is coming.

I really love all things Friday. 
Friday at 4:45pm is my kick off to the weekend.
It means we get two entire days coming up to refresh and regroup.
Spend time doing what we love to do with those we love. 
Bring on Friday!  

This morning Mia is ready to participate in 3rd grade Kansas Kid Day. 
They have 5 stations they rotate to and have fitness/care activities to participate in. 

Dustin sent me this picture... I know she is having a blast. And it is a beautiful day to be outside. Ahhhh. Friday. I am bummed I can't be there to watch but Dustin is there and that is just as good as me being there. 

Another big milestone is happening to this kid of mine... my momma heart can't stand much more but it happens if I am ready for it or not so I better embrace it. Kadyn and all the 6th graders are loading up and going to tour SH middle school. It means school is almost out and middle school is getting closer! I am excited for her but sad for me. Another child of ours is growing up. 
Next year we will have a child in all three schools... I'm a little nervous. lol I can do all things through God's strength, right??!! 

We had cookies this am for our morning snack. Because really, why not? It's Friday after all. 
They were yummy and made the house smell wonderful. 

I am pretty sure I have mentioned we are ready for summer. Late nights playing and extremely late dinners have already started. Dustin got home late yesterday. He was hungry, I wanted his attention and neither of us wanted to cook. So, take out dinner it was. We are limiting our "eating out" but it was nice to have it all ready to eat within minutes. The kids each have their main dish they love and it made for a nice dinner. 

Kenni was super excited to show us her fortune. "Keep up the good work. You soon will be rewarded financially" Surprisingly, she knew what "financially" meant. Color me shocked.  

My husband makes my heart skip beats even after 17 years of marriage. There are days I just watch him and think to myself, "I do not deserve him". Last night was one of those nights.  After a long day in Kansas City for work, he came home tired and still gave his attention to our kids and to me. He kinda rocks. Saturn needed to be walked, which is normally Gaby's job however she had lots of homework. I really didn't want Kadyn taking the dog without an adult since Kadyn tends let her loose and that is not fun.  So that meant Dustin took the dog for a walk. Then the kids wanted to come. And that meant Quentin too. 

It didn't last too long. Qman sucks at walks and sucks at listening. Within minutes Dustin was bringing them back saying, "I can't do the dog and Q". I laughed. It was a huge undertaking in the first place. I was happy to take Quentin so he could continue with Saturn and the older kids. 

One thing I admire most about my husband is that he never complains. When he was tired last night and our kids wanted to play, he never complained. When he was hungry and I wanted to talk his ear off, he listened and no complaining. I married up. I certainly know that. 

Small moments like this is what my family is about. Even if it is only for a few minutes. 
Happy Friday! 

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