Friday, April 29, 2011

What a busy morning; Dustin stayed home a 1/2 day to watch daycare so I could take the girls to school and stay for Gaby's Kansas Kids Day. On top of the special day for the 3rd graders, it was PJ day and show n tell for Kadyn.

Kk in her favorite Hello Kitty pajamas....

The girls always ride the bus to school so it was a special morning to get to take them to school, drop them off in their rooms, and see how their mornings get started.
Kansas Kids Day: the other stations...(see next post for more)
The first rotation was to see a power point presentation by the owner of Iwig dairy farms. They gave the history of the farm, talked about their daily routine, and how their milk is manufactured.

Our next stop was the AMR. The staff talked to the 3rd graders about wearing bike helmets, bike safety, and what happens if they are called to an emergency.
After the discussion, the kids were able to walk through the ambulance.

Gaby's last rotation was into the gym for a game. They had to run relays and find the letters for their poster.

Gaby's team was the first to find the letters to spell out , "Kansas Kids Day".

It was a fun morning- a lot of planning from the staff of SHES but so worth it. After they finished their game, they were off to a special lunch.

Kansas Kids Day... Jazz time

Today the 3rd graders spent the morning learning about health, safety, and nutrition for Kansas Kids Day. I was so excited to get to be a part of this with Gaby. Staff members, SHES parents, and Sharon, our Jazz instructor demonstrated 3 jazzercise routines for the kids. This was their warm up before moving on to 3 other stations.

Us pink ladies on stage...

3 classes of 3rd graders...

They worked out to "I gotta a feeling", Need somebody to love", and "Bionic".
Great routines and song choices for the kids...

Me and Gaby goo after the routines. Gaby was just glad I wasn't signing.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

P bags

Just a few of our creative P items today...

Our big kids had a busy morning... P bags, outside, P snacks, and zoo hats and more!!! What a "P"erfect day!

Our P snack

Today was our P day. Each kiddo brings their letter of the week sack and we discuss items that start with that letter. Today one of my kids brought a special snack for everyone. A fresh pineapple. When I saw his mom bringing it in this morning, I was a little worried. Then she brought the coolest tool ever and we were able to eat the pineapple as a morning snack.

Because Ican turn anything into a learning experience, we passed the fruit around the table talking about the color, texture, and even smell. After we cut the top off, we passed it around again to compare the inside to the outside!

Here is the coolest thing ever- I know; maybe you already have one or seen this, but I hadn't. You chop the top of and twist this cool thing into the pineapple. It cores it and slices it into perfect rings. How awesome is that? Each child had a turn twisting- this was so much fun! (Thanks again Carol- too cool). I am now taking donations so I can get this cool thing! Shesh, I can't get over it!

Another friend brought popcorn so we had a P snack time... pineapple, popcorn, and pretzels.

Zoo Keeper Hats

Today's art project was Zoo Keeper hats...
After the kids were done, they wore their hats has they played with the zoo stuffed animals. This simple project turned opened the doors to a fun pretend play time.
gluing their favorite animals onto their hats...

hard at work...

T&T awards night

I guess I did this backwards... Gaby's group was the last group at the awards night for Awana's. This was Gaby's first year in Truth and Training (T&T) program. This is for 3rd graders to 6th graders.

Gaby's book is a lot harder... was a big jump for her from Spark's. She didn't finish it this year but will pick up where she left off in the fall. She was able to participate on TBC's team for the Awana games. They went to Kansas City and performed a series of events. Our team was tied for 1st place and ended up with 2nd. Gabs is raising her hand that she was a part of that fun event.

My older peanuts after the awards ceremony!

Proud Momma!

Our Wednesday's were never an easy task. We had dance and soccer practices before grabbing a bite to eat and getting the girls to church. Dustin and I always had to take 2 cars to get everyone where they needed to be- a lot of work but so worth it! Thanks to the leaders that volunteered their time each week, these girls have some pretty awesome role models in their life.

Spark's Awards Night...

Next Up... Kadyn. Kadyn is in the SPARK's program at Awana's. Her program is for kindergartners to 2 graders. They have 3 books they can work out of. Each week they have handbook time, game time and cool theme nights. At first Kadyn was moving slow on her verses. It was tough for her- but she made it- she finished her first book this year. She was so happy she said the last verse on the last night of club! We are proud of her!

Kadyn's group doing their Spark theme song.

Doing some actions with the words...

For someone who loves performing she sure did not want to be on stage last night... passing out the awards.

My little Sparks girl...

Puggles Award Night

Last night was our end of the year awards night for Awana's. This was Mia's first year to participate in the Puggle's program. The group is made up of 2-3 year old's. Each week the Puggles would have a topic, sing songs, and complete an art project. This group had some pretty amazing leaders... (thanks Heidi, Kara, Cheri, and Kim for all you did). Each week Mia was so excited to see "my Heidi" and go to Puggles.

Last night the Puggles sang 4 songs on stage...

Mia wasn't so sure, but she did sing and do her actions...

I am so grateful for the seed that has been planted for Mia.

Mia got her certificate and fun dip (again thanks Puggles teachers...;). She was a proud little girl!

Next year Mia will start the Cubbies program for 3-5 year old's.

Say Cheese

Kendal is into taking her shirts off. When I went to get the camera to capture this moment, I was shocked when I heard this perfect little voice say, "cheese" as I snapped her picture! It was by far the cutest thing. My little 15mo old is talking up a storm, her vocab is... hi, daddy, bye, cheese, ba-ba (for Gaby), ma-ma, and tank you (thank you).
Our little chatter box... now if she would work on walking, we'd be golden!

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Our Family...

Gaby 9, Kadyn 6, Mia 2, Kenni 15mo.

Dustin and I

My silly girls...

This is my world...

Easter Lunch

Easter Sunday we hosted a family lunch...

The kitchen full of the Fluke Family.
The weather was awesome- it was supposed to be rainy all day; we had no rain. We were able to move our lunch outside on the deck.

(Dustin, his step dad John, ad his mom Denise)

(James, Dustin's sister Kara, brother Ian, and his dad Paul)

Enjoying the Easter lunch outside... Kenni

Yep... You guessed it... Easter pictures!

The Fluke Clan in their Easter attire!

It's zoo time...

Today we hit the ground running... all of the Peanuts were back in action today. We introduced a new letter yesterday, the letter P. We also started talking about animals you would see in a zoo.
We have lots of fun crafts and stories for this week... on of my favorite themes.

Working hard on our P worksheet and P words.

This morning we transformed our lego table into a zoo. We colored a zoo sign and broke open some new plastic zoo animals. The kids loved this, they played and played. Oh the stories I heard...

We also pretended to be zoo animals... we acted out animal sounds, how they move, and what they would say if they used real words.

We have a cute book for our story of the week. " You can't move a Hippo", told a story how the biggest lion, bouncy monkey, and a pushy warthog couldn't move the hippo however the mouse that used his manners could! Fun story and great pictures... perfect for our zoo theme!