Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It's zoo time...

Today we hit the ground running... all of the Peanuts were back in action today. We introduced a new letter yesterday, the letter P. We also started talking about animals you would see in a zoo.
We have lots of fun crafts and stories for this week... on of my favorite themes.

Working hard on our P worksheet and P words.

This morning we transformed our lego table into a zoo. We colored a zoo sign and broke open some new plastic zoo animals. The kids loved this, they played and played. Oh the stories I heard...

We also pretended to be zoo animals... we acted out animal sounds, how they move, and what they would say if they used real words.

We have a cute book for our story of the week. " You can't move a Hippo", told a story how the biggest lion, bouncy monkey, and a pushy warthog couldn't move the hippo however the mouse that used his manners could! Fun story and great pictures... perfect for our zoo theme!

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