Tuesday, April 19, 2011

My big hairy suck day...

Okay- I might be a little over the top but it was certainly a day. Am I the only one that ever has these types of days? Oh... Ok... well, I am okay with having these types of days every once in a while- it makes me human. And it brings be back down to my humble ol' self.

Let the rambling start now...

The day started with me waking up late- which meant I didn't get to go to the gym as I planned. It ended ok because I went to Jazz class with one of my favorite instructors. I got a great workout and ended the evening well.

We are nearing an end for Spring activities and enrolling for summer ones. Trying to juggle schedules right now is just pure (fill in the blank). I had promised the older girls since they both didn't want to do softball we could do swim lessons. Which is a win for everyone because our entire clan enjoys time in the pool! Put yesterday, I was trying to figure out what level of classes each kid needed to be enrolled in since the evening classes fill up super fast.

I am potty training Mia... nuff said.

It's just an emotional time; Kendal is day II of no bottles, Mia is day II of underwear, I am loosing 2 of my daycare kids (had one for 4 years and the other 3) to Kindergarten, I am loosing 2 children to peer models at SHES in the fall, G and K are going on their first GS camping weekend, I need a hair cut, we still have the unfinished room project, my run is coming up in 10 days, the weather is spring and winter all in one week, I need to dust, I am revamping my entire daycare program for fall, and I am already up to 900 calories eaten today and I still have a good 8 hours left in my day! It's just an emotional time.

On the flip side; we are closer to getting the basement room finished, we got the swim lessons time we needed for the girls, the kids will love going camping, I have one self cleared out since packing up all the bottles, I will save money only having one child in diapers, we are getting lots of use out of our winter outfits, I still need a hair cut, I am so uber excited about summer daycare- it's a refreshing change. I can't wait to start my new daycare program in the fall. And I have lots of gum to chew, water to drink, and a low cal dinner planned out.

Not sure where I am going with this post but here is a funny picture of Mia from yesterday. On the potty chair, face covered in cheetos (we barely made it since she was eating snack at the time).

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