Monday, April 30, 2012

Baby Animals...

 This week we are talking about Baby Animals. Today we talked about who hatches from eggs.
 Getting our wiggles and giggles out so we can be ready for circle time.
 Now we are ready to go...
 Put out some new centers for the peanuts... they enjoyed working on lacing cards.
 Today we worked in our journals... we did our letters Y and Z. We also stamped purple butterflies and traced diamonds.
Hard at work... but our work is still fun!

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Last Games of the Season...

 Gaby and her team on Saturday... can't wait for their tourny in May. This will be a first for their team. So glad they ended the season with another win!
 Gaby hanging out...
 Kadyn's team...
After their game that was tie, each player got a medal for their season of hard work.

Sad that the season is coming to an end however I am excited that we will now have three nights at home next week. What great teams and coaches the girls have... thanks for a great season, coach Jay and coach Todd!

iphone pictures...

 Gaby at her concert... one of the negative parts of my trip was the timing. I had to miss Gaby's first orchestra concert. This was almost a deal breaker for me. The day I tried to get out of the trip was the day my ticket was purchased. I decided I really needed to go. Gaby had her two grandmothers, Grandpa, and dad there to cheer her on. Even though she was pretty understanding that I wasn't going, she still said she was upset on the phone that night. Sigh. Bad parent moment. I was so proud of Gaby. Dustin taped it for me and she loved her flowers that Grammy Lana and Papa Marc got her. I love this kid.   
 Dustin's coffee roasting set up... Any one need coffee??? I am proud of my hubby- more then words can say. He is doing online courses and paying for them by selling his roasted coffee. What a motivation.
 This picture cracks me up... Gaby has stinky feet. Nuff Said. We were driving one afternoon and Dustin and I were smelling something. We turned and asked Gaby if she took her shoes off. She started giggling and put her feet on the chair by Dustin's head. I laughed, he moved.
 Awe... cute kids!
 My TBC office... at home. I LOVE the Hello Kitty laptop skin and the matching laptop bag. It looks so cute. And it all matches.
 Kenni was winding down after a dinner at church. She came home and crawled in our bed to watch her ebee baby show. She is the cutest kid...
 Our Awana leader dinner had a theme of 80's prom. I had no dress or anything. I borrowed the dress from a friend. Here we are doing the traditional "prom" posing pictures out in the yard. I love this picture- we were cracking up at something Gaby had said.
 Gaby had the camera. I was adjusting the strapless bra and I guess she needed to capture the moment. I love how D is watching. Love that man...
 We are such a crack up- I love that after all these years we can still laugh so much. Who knew we were so cool??! We had a fun night saying, "Thank You" to all the leaders that made our year a great one!
Another great picture of Gaby! Dustin took this after her last song. I love her smile.

Randoms from my trip.

 This past week I was able to attend a curriculum conference. I had a great time other then the traveling part. I was a ball of nerves getting on the plane and my ears did not do so well on the trip. Other then that, I loved going to Georgia for 3 days. It was tough being away from my husband and 4 girls but I think I am a better mom, wife, leader because of it. This past week had a huge impact on me. So grateful for the experience to  attend the Orange Conference!
 My shoes in the dark... Thursday night we went on a hike on Stone Mountain. There were some spots I wasn't sure I could climb, but once I was at the top I was so excited I did. Only thing better would to have shared this moment with Dustin. It was a great view.
 At the top... we didn't get much time at the top due to it getting dark. But the few minutes we had to look out were incredible.
 A windy picture from the top...
 A group shot... the girls. Notice how red my face is compared to the others. Shesh.
 Every day we had an awesome worship time. We had loud music, great songs, and fun lights! What an emotional time.
 One of my favorite parts... at a break I got a funnel cake. Loved it!
 My roommate and I. We were "buddies" at the conference. Posing at the Orange photo op.
 Getting out of the airport at Atalanta was a huge deal... several trains and we were finally out. Of course I had to take pictures. 
On the airplane... before we took off, before my ears started hurting. Anyway... more to come on the conference and what it was about.

Friday, April 20, 2012


 My peanuts are ready for circle time. Kadyn and Gaby are home from school and I love that she still wants to be a part of our daycare day!
 My lil peanut having a snack... she is almost a year. Such a big girl.
 Taking time to review... numbers
 and shapes.
even Kenni is catching on. She loves to do what the older peanuts are doing.

Happy Friday!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Kenni time...

 The older girls had soccer practice and Mia wanted to go with them. Kenni and I had the night to ourselves. We played outside... we danced with the Hello Kitty umbrella.
 We might have went up the street to our favorite mexican restaurant and had dinner. She was a great dinner date. It cracked me up that I finished my meal before she did. She made a happy plate!
 This girl can eat!
Kenni and I had a nice evening together!!!

Twin day

Today at SHES they had twin day. Here are some of the twins that dressed up! Kadyn was a twin with one of her soccer buddies on her team!

Gaby's driving...

 the lawn mower... for her first time...solo! Dustin had finished the lawn and Gaby wanted to try it, so she did!
 She had a blast- now if she would drive in a straight line, we'd actually put her to work!
 Still loving it.
 Dustin still watching her.
I love this picture of him holding Kenni. Such an awesome daddy.
Just hanging out...

We love long evenings and spring weather!

Awana Awards...

 Last night was our last night for Awana. We break for the summer and return in September. Even thought the Cubbies don't attend award night we had a cool video of our club and I did a chat about Cubbies on stage. Mia came up with me. She helped ease my nerves and everyone focused on her not me. Bonus!
 This is Kadyn's group... Good luck finding her- she is in the back behind a tall kid. After each group received their award they stepped off the stage so as they moved off I was able to get a pic. So proud of her progress, she didn't finish her book but is close. There is always next year!
 Gaby's group. Gaby finished her book and received a ribbon. She may have been in a funk and pouted through most of the ceremony! My kids are far from perfect- I just have to pick my battles.
 Kadyn and her participation award... 
 Gaby and her 1st book award...
 My Awana family...(minus Kenni who stays in the nursery) Dustin was a leader for TnT, I do Cubbies, Gaby is in TnT, Kadyn Sparks, and Mia Cubbies.
 Last week at the Cubbie Carnival... Mia walked around with her leader Mr. Bryan until Dustin came over. The kids got carnival goodie bags and received their awards. This is  a little more age appropriate way to end our year!
 Because Gaby finished her she got to do "pie in the face". The Clubber gets to pick a leader and yes, put a pie in their face. Gaby of course taunted Dustin the entire week before and picked him. Dustin was a great sport- took one for the team.
 Back to Cubbies- this is one of my good friend's little guy with Cubbie Bear...
 Back to TnT- Dustin and Gaby...after the pie.
Before our carnival- all the kids and their parents that came to walk around... such a fun time!

As we end our Awana year I am happy for the break but will miss my Cubbies that I see each week. It was a good first year putting things together. As Cubbies, we learned 24 bible verses using songs, dance, and handbook time. Kids asked Jesus into their heart, some kids brought questions to their parents, and some commented God's bible truth's into memory. I am honored to be a part of such an awesome program for our children. Until Fall...