Friday, April 6, 2012

Easter Egg Hunt

Thank you to my wonderful parents... we had an excellent egg hunt. My families all brought in plastic eggs filled and ready to go for us. The kids went down for rest time, and when they woke up, eggs were out on the front lawn. We all came outside to look at them- they were really shocked that this had happened while they were sleeping.
Buckets are handed out and they are ready to go...

They had a blast running around, picking up eggs.
They were everywhere...

After we were done, we counted all the eggs out so everyone would have an even amount. Everyone did really good with sharing and passing eggs around to make it equal.
One of my parents put a 10.00 bill in an egg. That was a real treat for L. He was so excited about his lucky egg.

We came inside and ate our Easter/Peep cupcakes for snack. We had fun time celebrating the spring season and the Easter holiday.

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