Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Run for Life

 I know I have posted a lot about this run, "Run for Life". It is a simple 2 mile run/walk that takes place at Washburn University. This run means so much to me- it does stand for a great cause- however the meaning goes way deeper. Last year was my first year to complete this run. It was my first run ever. (And not my best I might add) I came to realize a lot about myself before, during, and after this run. I knew I never wanted to gain my weight back, I realized this will always be a journey I am on, and I am getting healthy not just for me but for Dustin and the kids. 
 So, this year I was excited to have a running partner- Gaby. I didn't ask her at first. I just sent in the forms and I avoided bringing it up. About 3 weeks ago, we started running around our neighborhood. She melted down when I told her I signed her and I up. She is a wee like her momma and stresses over silly things. We started walking/running together. We bought her a new pair of running shoes (long story but the kid needed shoes) and she was ready.

Our 2 mile run was this past Saturday. It poured the entire drive to WU. When we got there, it was still raining. We started lining up for the run and it stopped. The rain stayed away long enough for us to run almost the entire route. There where spots Gaby wanted to slow down, so we did. Then, we would look ahead and say, when we get to this point we'll run again. And we did. We finished our run right at 25 minutes. It wasn't about the time. I was overwhelmed that I was doing this run again, and I was doing it with Gaby. I admire this child more then I can ever say. I am proud to be her momma!
This picture cracks me up. I was laughing because we came around the final corner, I told Gaby, "we are almost finished, that is where we end". This girl took off running faster then when we started and left me in the dust. She was determined to make it to the finish line before I did. So, as the guy is telling me to pose, I am watching Gaby turn into the super fast child and beat me.

This race was a little bit of motivation to keep me on the road that I need to be going. This race marks a year of gaining back 15 pounds, being more free with my food choices, not caring as much if I make it to the gym, and "oh well" if it is only 3 bad days of eating poorly. It was a nice time to reflect on this past year and get it going again. I am running, I am running for my OWN life.

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