Friday, April 13, 2012

This week...

Kendal has painted a lot... she loves it and does really good at it. Plus, look how cute she is when doing it??

Our Cubbie Carnival is over and it feel like a huge stress has been lifted. To my knowledge, everyone had fun and it was a great way to end the year. I am so looking forward to the break but sure when August comes around, I will be missing it. Maybe... :)

This is the first week I totally used my mac pro for work. Let me just say, this computer is HOT! There is something about it that just screams, "I am so cool" for a computer. I never knew how bad my other computer was until I started using this cool thing. Love it. So far, the transition hasn't been too bad either. Only a few questions to Dustin.

Speaking of Dustin, he totally rocked this week as I took a personal day to work at the Church for Cubbies. He watched daycare all day so I could get everything ready to go on Wednesday night. What a huge blessing. I didn't have to close daycare, parents didn't have to take a personal day, and he says he likes doing it! Um, did I really hear that right??? What a cool dude I have!

This week Gaby finished up her state assessments. She scored really well and I am so proud of her! She is also getting to race her car at the Awana grand prix tomorrow too! I am sure I might have some pictures to share.

Kadyn entered the 500 club at school. She is close to making the 1000 club and that would just be awesome for her. This week I called a tutor for her. I am hoping this is our next step with Kadyn and her reading. I am also looking into homeschool materials so we can keep up with her schooling during the summer. She is very close to being caught up- just needs a little more time and help and she will get this! I am super proud of her progress.

This week blogger was updated. Now, it talks twice as long for me to update my blog and put pictures up. I am hoping if I ride it out my favorite shortcut feature will return!

I still love our carpet!

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