Friday, April 6, 2012

This week...

Has been a fun one.
I haven't worked out since Tuesday though.
I am learning about the benefits of "real food".
Haven't sat down since Monday. (Well, I am sitting now)
We had a full house at daycare this morning.
It was a loud morning at daycare this morning.
I still haven't meal planned for this weekend.
I still haven't meal planned for next week.
I have to go to the store today or we won't have anything to eat this weekend.
I still have lots of laundry to fold.
I really like my contacts and calendar all being on the computer and phone.
Still have lots to do for next Wednesday.
Will have a fun but busy weekend with friends and family.
I hate Easter baskets.
I do love the weather.
I ate real chips and french onion dip 2x this week and it was awesome.
My favorite jeans are thinning out which makes me sad.
Gaby and I have our run tomorrow.
My niece has her birthday on Sunday.
Our lawn mower is working now.
My hubby pretty much rocks. I love our new journey together.
However he is so loud in the kitchen making his lunch when the kids are laying down.
But, he rocks so it's okay.
Kenni had a bloody nose today, first one ever.
Mia went with her "bestest friend" to see a movie this afternoon.
I still LOVE my carpet.
The kitchen even looks nice now that it has been mopped.
We are not having ham for our Easter lunch on Saturday afternoon.
Still praying about my daycare openings even though I have until August.
Kk had her portfolio party at school yesterday, she has come so so far!
I am so not a perfect parent.
I do love my kids though.
Gaby left for school with a messy room.
But I still love her.
I finally cleaned up Kk and Mia's room because I was tired of looking at it.
It must not bother them like it did me.
I love watching American Idol.
Biggest Loser is okay.
I wish I had 14 weeks to do nothing but workout all day.
Summer is coming... I can't wait.
We are joining the pool again.
I still have to meal plan so I better wrap this up.
I hope you had a good week too!!!

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