Sunday, April 29, 2012

Randoms from my trip.

 This past week I was able to attend a curriculum conference. I had a great time other then the traveling part. I was a ball of nerves getting on the plane and my ears did not do so well on the trip. Other then that, I loved going to Georgia for 3 days. It was tough being away from my husband and 4 girls but I think I am a better mom, wife, leader because of it. This past week had a huge impact on me. So grateful for the experience to  attend the Orange Conference!
 My shoes in the dark... Thursday night we went on a hike on Stone Mountain. There were some spots I wasn't sure I could climb, but once I was at the top I was so excited I did. Only thing better would to have shared this moment with Dustin. It was a great view.
 At the top... we didn't get much time at the top due to it getting dark. But the few minutes we had to look out were incredible.
 A windy picture from the top...
 A group shot... the girls. Notice how red my face is compared to the others. Shesh.
 Every day we had an awesome worship time. We had loud music, great songs, and fun lights! What an emotional time.
 One of my favorite parts... at a break I got a funnel cake. Loved it!
 My roommate and I. We were "buddies" at the conference. Posing at the Orange photo op.
 Getting out of the airport at Atalanta was a huge deal... several trains and we were finally out. Of course I had to take pictures. 
On the airplane... before we took off, before my ears started hurting. Anyway... more to come on the conference and what it was about.

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