Sunday, April 29, 2012

iphone pictures...

 Gaby at her concert... one of the negative parts of my trip was the timing. I had to miss Gaby's first orchestra concert. This was almost a deal breaker for me. The day I tried to get out of the trip was the day my ticket was purchased. I decided I really needed to go. Gaby had her two grandmothers, Grandpa, and dad there to cheer her on. Even though she was pretty understanding that I wasn't going, she still said she was upset on the phone that night. Sigh. Bad parent moment. I was so proud of Gaby. Dustin taped it for me and she loved her flowers that Grammy Lana and Papa Marc got her. I love this kid.   
 Dustin's coffee roasting set up... Any one need coffee??? I am proud of my hubby- more then words can say. He is doing online courses and paying for them by selling his roasted coffee. What a motivation.
 This picture cracks me up... Gaby has stinky feet. Nuff Said. We were driving one afternoon and Dustin and I were smelling something. We turned and asked Gaby if she took her shoes off. She started giggling and put her feet on the chair by Dustin's head. I laughed, he moved.
 Awe... cute kids!
 My TBC office... at home. I LOVE the Hello Kitty laptop skin and the matching laptop bag. It looks so cute. And it all matches.
 Kenni was winding down after a dinner at church. She came home and crawled in our bed to watch her ebee baby show. She is the cutest kid...
 Our Awana leader dinner had a theme of 80's prom. I had no dress or anything. I borrowed the dress from a friend. Here we are doing the traditional "prom" posing pictures out in the yard. I love this picture- we were cracking up at something Gaby had said.
 Gaby had the camera. I was adjusting the strapless bra and I guess she needed to capture the moment. I love how D is watching. Love that man...
 We are such a crack up- I love that after all these years we can still laugh so much. Who knew we were so cool??! We had a fun night saying, "Thank You" to all the leaders that made our year a great one!
Another great picture of Gaby! Dustin took this after her last song. I love her smile.

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