Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Fliying High..

 Our dance and movement time... most of my girls are in dance and have recitals coming up. We used our practice DVD to move and shake some wiggles out. The kids love learning dance moves.
 For Christmas we got Kendal a doll. She showed no interest in it. I am so happy to report this last week she is finally getting into her doll and doll toys. Kenni was so cute carrying her "Winnie" around.
 Dustin hung our chalk board today. The kids LOVED it. During the awesome spring weather we do as much of our learning activities outside. They practiced their letters, drew some shapes, and even played school.
 They all took turns playing the teacher. This brings back so many memories. I used to have a school room all decked out in my parents garage growing up. So when they pretend play school, I get so giddy!

 We decorated paper and made our own planes today. We made a chart and asked all of our friends if they had ever been on a plane before.
Our plane props...

We finished out day talking about the letter Z. Our Z bags went home and on Thursday we will have completed our entire alphabet. We have one last letter project before we hit our review. I still can not wrap my brain around the fact we are almost done with preschool. Next... we'll move on to summer lessons and review! 

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