Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tuesday night at home...

 Kenni decorated her arm in stickers... Dustin and I predict she will be our tattoo child...
 Kadyn and I worked on homework. Yes, she isn't happy about it but I am. It's not due until Friday and we are working on it now and it's only Tuesday! Just for the record, she's happier now, she finished 3 pages of it.
 My little monkey playing outside... who thinks she is older then she is.
 No, that isn't her Cubbie vest. Yes, she stole it from Mia and wears it all the time.
 Gaby reading outside... for over an hour now. She brought home her library book- now she is done with it.
 Mia working on her writing. She is tracing her letters on her "ipad" toy.
 The hubs is chillin'. And grillin'. I love this season... lots of grillin' going on. Tonight it was pork. Yummo!
And Gaby... Still reading!

That's what our Tuesday night at home looks like!

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