Tuesday, April 17, 2012

taking a few minutes...

We just finished dinner, the kids are outside playing, and Dustin is mowing the yard. Some friends asked us to join them for icecream and we are. Soon. I am excited. Just thought I would ramble for a few minutes while I have some free time.

I just posted some pictures from out night at home. It's sad but in a two week span we are home one evening, all together, no splitting up, no activities. Are we the only ones like this? Surely no. I truly have become a home body which is weird since we are rarely at home... well, I work from home but that doesn't count. Maybe it does. I don't know. I love sitting out on our deck watching the kids play. Mia is swinging, Gaby is using the tools to capture her sisters, Kadyn is fixing the deck with the tools, and Kenni is just running around, with Mia's Cubbie vest on still.... see next post.

I woke up early and did some cleaning before daycare started. I tossed 3 large bags of "stuff".  I hate clutter and "stuff" just sitting around. So, I am not sure where or how we had 3 large bags of crud but we did. I love getting rid of things we have no use for. It wasn't even worthy of donating. Just stuff.

Today was a nice day. Because I was up early, I started laundry, dishes, and over all house work early. Which means, now that dinner is done, we can have nothing to do... well, but dinner dishes. But, other then that, nothing. Well, but ice cream. I felt like I got caught up. On life, the ever so long list- that seems important but really isn't, and laundry. Now everyone has clean clothing. For a day or so. Then I will have 6 loads to do again. Really it isn't always that much. I do a load a day but skipped a few on the weekend so I was behind. Not anymore.

3 loads of dishes, 6 loads of laundry, 12 phone calls since 445pm, and vacuuming 2 times. Stats from the day. In case you wanted to know.

How do you choose what to be involved in?? I recently signed up for something at the girls' school. I have since then backed out. I really wanted to be a part of it but just couldn't fit it in. It's all good things to be a part of. But, I had to say no. I feel bad, guilty, and like I am not doing my part. I had to say no. I had to. I know this event will still go on even though I backed out. I still have a lot of years left at our school and hope to do my part soon.

I have no updates on my weight loss. I am down 10lbs. It has stayed off  even through my week of only working out 2x. I am excited to weigh in next Monday. Slow steps I guess. The past few months I was searching for something to "help" my progress. A pill, a shake or something to give me a boost. I am hearing about all these methods of loosing weight and I want to hop on that train, and I have. I have tried water pills, herballife, xing, ect. It doesn't work. Maybe it does, and maybe people do have success with with it.  But it isn't for me. I want to lose the rest of my weight but I don't want to rely on something. I take that back, I do rely on something... my faith. Faith to know that I am not done and I can get through any craving or binge eating I think I need to do. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, and that includes losing weight. Nuff' said... moving on.

Well, it's almost time to leave for icecream. I just walked out to tell Dustin what time it is and I see Gaby, on the riding lawn mower, with a huge smile on her face. My peanut is so silly! Of course I took pictures and will share tomorrow! Such a random post... thanks for reading. We are off to fellowship and eat, two things I do best!!!

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