Friday, May 29, 2009

Today was a rare occasion... I was low in numbers. Dustin was home so we loaded up in our van and his car and headed up to Sonic for some play time and lunch! We had a blast. I don't get to do many field trips so this was a real treat! Here are some pictures from our outing!

Lil' K trying the slide... it took her a minute or so to actually go down but once she did she was a slide pro.

This is just a picture of lil A that I really liked. She was on the platform and I snapped it through the bars.

H and F, my newest addition to the gallery, enjoyed the sand and the slides!

Gaby was pretending to fall in the sand so she could get dirty... I am so proud! Gaby hardly ever wears a dress unless I am bribing her or threatening her. Because the other girls were wearing dresses, G had to wear one too! It looked so cute, if I do say so myself.

KK walking over the bridge. Every time we drive by Sonic, she is my girl that asks, "please we go to Sonic play land?"

Lil' Mia went down her first slide today. I was at the top and Dustin was waiting for her at the bottom. It was a short slide and we leaned her back, but she still did it a couple of times! Each time she would have a huge grin on her face!

Here is the gallery at lunch time. They all did so great! I was very proud of them and how well they listened, followed directions, and we had NO fits when it was time to leave! What a fun day!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Would I ever do this??? (Wednesday)

Would I ever bribe my 4 year old with 3 snacks from the concession stand at the ball park just so she would try on the catcher gear at her game?
Would I ever buy a package of fake tattoos and put them on everywhere so I know what/where I want my next addition?
Would I ever jam to Walmart listening to Kids Bop, "Beautiful Girls" with no kids in the car?
Would I ever leave mail in the mailbox just because it was boring or it was all bills?
Would I ever wash my bedroom sheets just so I wouldn't have to make my bed?
Would I ever cut and save the last piece of jello cake for Dustin and then eat it at 3:00pm leaving him nothing?
Would I ever forget to feed my 4 year old because we were so busy and had to be somewhere at 5:00pm? (Don't worry she got Tico Taco on the way home)
Would I ever blog about all the silly things I have done in the last week just to keep me from doing something else around the house that really needs my attention???

all about me picture frames....step one

Today we are working on fun and bright picture frames. This is our next art project for "All about me" week. The kids loved doing it. We got messy and sticky and maybe one kid got their fingers stuck together but I would never admit to that on a blog which I know my parents check.
Here are my groups of kids doing their projects...

Below is my lil girls... I couldn't get an action shot due to them having glue on them, me, and my camera, so we just did an after picture. And, as you can see, they still are more interested in their frames then they are of getting their picture taken.
And here is where I whine and complain... I do not buy very pricey clothing due to my occupation! I know better then to do that. However, when I was searching for carpi pants at the start of the season, there was not much out there and I needed a pair of jeans to go with all of my tee shirts. So, against my better judgment, I bought a pair of jean carpi pants for $40. I have fallen in love with them. Today I wore them as we were gluing and working on our frames. As I was putting frames away, I had 2 kids run into me with glue on their fingers and the frames that were not dry landed on my pants. So... below is my pants that have 2 glue stains that will not come out(speaking from experience with getting this foam glue on my shirts). I need to practice what I preach, "if it is a good outfit, don't send them to daycare in it".

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

summer fun has already started...

Saturday after both girls had softball practice we drove by Sonic, got slushs, and had some fun water play with the girls. G and K live in the water each summer, it really is a fun time. I even set out a small pool for Mia to see how she would like it... she had a blast. Here are some pictures from our relaxing afternoon!!!

Mia and her Nemo bath toy. (9mo)

Close up of Gabber Goo... my little fish!

Kadyn and her goofy pose... this just sums her up!

More posing...

Gaby isn't sure about the pool... we normally have a bigger one that she can swim and go under in. She was trying to teach Kadyn some tricks...

My third little fishy...

All about me week...

This week we are revisiting "All about me" week. We have some new faces for summer and thought this would be a fun them to find out our new favorites and update our pictures for cubbies and helper board!
Today we worked on name posters. Each kid sat with me as we found their letters and put them on their poster. Then they decorated it to make it extra special. Most of them said they wanted to hang them up in their rooms!
Here are a couple pictures as they are coloring their posters...

Monday, May 25, 2009

My diamond devil

This is KK's first year playing softball on a team. She plays on a lake league and her team is the Diamond Devils. I will be the first to say I love for my children to try something and be good at it. I will also be the first to say if they are not so good at it. Well, K is just not digging the softball thing this year. Each game consists of bribing, walking her back to the team dug out, and lots of tears! It's GREAT!
Kadyn looks so cute in her uniform and glove... I really wish she liked it more!
Last Thursday Kadyn was over tired, we had a long day, and no nap. It was her turn to play catcher. I had to fight with her to try the gear and after everything was on, we had one more thing... the helmet. I tried putting it on and the melt down started! It was a proud mom moment as I yank the gear off of my child, rip her into my arms, and carry her away so she can have a time out and continue to throw a fit!
Most days I am her biggest fan... my mom, Dustin, and Mia all have shirts that have her name and number printed on them.

Kadyn likes to bat but hates "going to the field" as she calls it. Here she is in action...
I am nowhere close to being the perfect parent, if you need proof come and see me at the ball park! Here's to a fun and busy summer!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Would I ever do this???

Would I ever, write on my husbands arm just so he knows how much I love him and blog about it? (and have everyone know how much he puts up with me?)
Would I ever, tell my best friend from High School to join Face Book and tell him I have to be his first? ( person he adds as a friend that is)
Would I ever run the dish washer again just so I don't have to unload the dishes?
Would I ever sleep in my workout shirt so when I wake up at 5 am I am almost ready to go to class?
Would I ever take the phone off the hook during nap time so pesky calls won't wake up my sleeping children?
Would I ever call, FB, and text my sister in law all in one night right before her first "date"?
Would I ever be so behind on folding laundry that I take a table outside so I can fold and watch children at the same time?
Would I ever change into a tank top so my back that is facing the sun will get tan while folding the mountain of laundry?
Would I ever blog about all the silly things I have done in the last 24 hours just to avoid riding my bike during nap time???

outside shots...

My littlest girls like to be where I am so if I am on the deck, they are on the deck... if I am on the grass, they are on the grass. Here comes my peeps!!!
Every time I get the camera out, A says, "CHHHHEEEESSSSEEEE"

Lil A is showing me a bug that is on the ground. She wanted to come up the stairs so badly but not until the bug was gone!!!

K just smiles when I take her picture... so fun! And yes... after the picture, I tied her shoes! =)

Today my boys learned "Follow the Leader" which was a really cool game until everyone wanted to be the leader then we had some good practice at using our words! =) Every one took turns after we set some rules and time limits!!! We had an excellent morning outside!!!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I like being an "Us"

Dustin and I met back in high school. We were best friends then started dating. And that is where it all started. I will spare you story after story that proclaims my love for my hubby of 9 years. But I will tell you that he is the best friend, soul mate, husband and father that I could ever ask for.
We have come along away... We were married May 19th, 2000 at our home church, Topeka Bible Church. Dustin and I both were in school,working full time, and living in my parents garage (after we got married, of course). We found out that following March we were expecting Gaby, we didn't wait too long to start our family. Fast forward 9 years and we own our own home, have 3 beautiful daughters and a strong marriage that I am thankful for everyday. We are certainly not perfect, but we are still smiling!

Tonight D and I celebrated our endless love by going to... China Pavilion! It was great. It wasn't too full so when we all got a little silly it wasn't bothering other people! Tonight was Mia's first time with an Oreo cookie... the above picture was her first smile after eating it, priceless!

My very own Peanut Gallery... Gaby, Kadyn, and Mia

On the ride home I was taking requests for Killer's songs. They are my favorite group and it puts the biggest smile on my face to hear my 4 year old and 7 year old call out their favorite songs from my play list! I have raised them right!

Dustin and Kadyn goofing around at the times by all!

I was playing around and snapping pictures, in the course of one evening, I took 62 pictures. After I got home, I was playing with the affects and goofing them up a little. This one is for FaceBook... I am sure it might make a profile picture of mine soon!

When we got home... more fun, happy couple pictures! I LOVE this man more then cheesy pictures and words could ever start to describe! He just gets how I am, no need to explain and he loves me for it!

I made him take this picture... we are so flippin' cute!!! We need our own Hallmark card, I tell ya!!!

This is another silly picture/pose! This is for all of my young Facebook peeps that always stick their tongue out or pucker up their lips... I can do it too!!! =)

I like being an "us"... I know the last 9 years are not all perfect and happy times... together we have been though deaths, births, family fights, tears, laughs, school, melt downs, sicknesses and more but we have made it through, Us, Dustin and I!

Monday, May 18, 2009

SHES Field Day...

Friday was Gaby's second field day at SHES. This event at the school is an awesome time for all of the kids. They have stations of games and time limits so when you are finished you move on to the the game.
Above is Gaby guarding her pin for one of the games. I should have posted the picture that comes after this one... but it is sad and breaks my heart so I didn't. Gaby was stuck on the end and none of the balls were coming her direction. One of the balls came towards me. I thought I made eye contact with her and kicked the ball to her, well, she didn't see the ball and it ended up knocking over her pin. I know, I suck... nice one mom! She wasn't to happy with me that I was the one that ended up knocking the pin over. Luckily for me she forgives and forgets!

Gaby is on a mission to tag people so they can then put on a yellow shirt. The teams that recruits the most members, wins!

Gaby running on the relay races... she has good form!
One of the last events is the "tug a war". Each of the 1st grade classes take turns pulling... somehow they all had a turn to win... hum!!!
Even so, I have to give the folks at SHES credit. This event goes on without a hitch. It is organized, well thought out, and they have lots of help! Awesome time was had by all!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

looking ahead....

While Spring has certainly kept us busy, summer looks to be no different. This year Kadyn (4) and Gaby (7) are first time softball players at the local lake league. We are spending on average 3-4 nights a week at the diamonds. We have found out that Kadyn is not a sports kid but loves her dance and Gaby is. Or at least she really likes playing softball...

As for daycare we are done with all of the learning lessons per say and moving on to nature and hands on activities. We are slowing down to spend more time outside, gardening, and relaxing. I am looking forward to the upcoming weeks when we buy our pool (last years had leaks...) and get water toys out. This is always a highlight for me and my girls as well. I must admit the summer isn't as light as I would like it to be, but it will still be a blast with all of our new and old friends. We have 2 new children coming and a school aged helper. I am excited to welcome the new faces.

Family life is going good as well! I live day to day saying, "God will provide". And He does! I came into May very on edge as I knew car tags are due, our first payment of medical insurance is coming out, and both kids had activities that needed payments. But as He does, things will be covered... I got a call 2 days ago asking if my summer care kids could start early. What a blessing.
Dustin continues on his job search as many of people are praying and giving him leads. He really enjoys the work at his part time job but doesn't know if/when he would move up in hours. Dustin is also fixing peoples computers as they need help too, pretty neat that he is so well rounded in the skills that he has! Whata great hubby I have!
Looking over the last few months, I know I do not have it so bad. I have a house, a great (full) daycare, awesome family, and supportive friends. I know and understand I still get emotional when making cut backs, but I look around to see that everyone is cutting back and not just because of a loss of a job! I am blessed. Even when I down, I have a husband that picks me up, a God that doesn't give me more then I can handle, and 3 little girls that look up to me as their mommy. I am blessed.
I am looking ahead... for summer, for new daycare friends and activities, sports, swimming, family time, church time, pictures... I am looking ahead!

Monday, May 11, 2009

I hate Mother's day...

And Father's Day, Grandparent Day, and whatever family member day we have created. Before I get bashed let me explain...I think it is important to honor the people in your life all year round and not just on a holiday. These Holiday's are fine but I think it is kinda silly to cook, buy a card, necklace or flowers when you can do this any day, time, or year! So... honor the people you love everyday, treat them like it was Mother or Father's day everyday... okay, let the comments start...Now!
We had a very fun day on Sunday... I started my day working out (so I could eat whatever I wanted even though everything was pretty healthy to start with), then I came home and got the girls ready to go to church. We were moving in slow motion or something... by the time we snapped a few pictures, got loaded up, and driving, we were late for church. Not just a little late, but miss the first 15 minutes of all the songs late. So, because we weren't moving very fast, I had not had time to eat breakfast. Which leads me to my next picture...
We stopped at Spangles, because it just taste better and grabbed some grub, another good reason I worked out that morning! We hung out, played the toy claw game and went back home to get ready for our family cook out!
We had my mom, brother and his family over along with Dustin's mom, step dad and sister. It was a fun time. We ate and chatted and watched as the kids played.

Below is a picture of my mom unwrapping her gifts with a helper... she loves writing notes/cards to people so we gave her several packages of cards and of course pink pens.

Below is our last attempt at getting a good shot of me and my girls! As you can see...we were unsuccessful, but I am okay with that because to this date each year has been unsuccessful, so it would almost be more disappointing to get a great picture on this day then to not!