Monday, October 29, 2012

our weekend fun

 Saturday we started our Halloween fun at my mom's apartment. They had a little gathering for the kids/grandkids of the people that lived there. They passed out candy to all the kids, had s'more kits, cookies, and juice. 
 My mom with 3/4 of the girls... they were excited to see Grammy and of course, get candy.
 It was a nice little party- the social room had decorations and goodie bags for all of the kids. Poor Gabs knew she was the oldest one there but still was a good sport- she knew it was more for grammy then her.
 Gaby the ninja...
 Kadyn the genie...
 Mia the princess...
And Kendal the bumble bee...
Our crew...

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Today we worked on letter E and letter F. We glues eyes on our letter E and painted with feathers on our letter F. It was a fun and messy art day today!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


 Putting dots on our letter D....
 Making cats out of our letter C....
 After our leaf hunt... we had full bags.
Taking advantage of our awesome weather this week... playing outside this AM.

Monday, October 22, 2012

 Before lunch... getting to play outside for a while. It was a beautiful morning to enjoy.

 This week is a review week for us... today we worked on letter B and letter A projects... we painted with bubble wrap for our letter B.
 We used apple stickers for "A"

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

I *hate* the census...

My battle with the Kansas City Census started last year. I had left to go to a meeting and Dustin was left at home with the kids. There was a knock at the door. *Enter*

The kids were going crazy and Dustin talked to the census surveyor at the door. We had been "selected" to do a census. He was trying to watch the kids and talk to this mean lady! She came into the house and her first interview took over an hour. I came home and my normally calm, laid back husband was stressed to the max. He stated, "she just kept asking questions and wouldn't leave".

After I heard his story I said, "why did you even answer the door?". Let me stop my story and add a disclaimer... Dustin and I are very different in ways we handle social situations. I would have just said "no, you may not come in". Just like I say, "no, I don't care if your product takes stains off my porch, I don't want it". It comes very easily to me. For my nice, relaxed, go with the flow husband, not so much!

Flash forward to the next month... the mean CL (Census Lady) comes back to ask her monthly set of questions. She is bothering me during daycare time. I tell her, nicely at first, "we wish to not participate in this program, we don't have time for the interviews, calls, and you coming during work hours". I thought that was all... NOPE! The census people are relentless.

Over the next couple of months we see this lady in a tan car stalking our house once a month. Leaving her card on our door, and waiting in her car until we would come out. Once my brother was visiting and we waited till she left so he could leave our house. I explained to this lady, this was not something we legally had to do, get someone else. Then the dreaded phone call came... they needed to speak to us and do a phone interview. At this point, I am done, I'm mad, and I am tired of the mean CL. (Whom, by the way is old enough to be my grandmother, but don't let looks fool you, she is a tough old CL.) After Dustin scheduled the interview (again, just say no), I called. I LOST IT.

I called them back and told them to leave us alone. At this time, all normal left my body. I told them I would call the police if they set foot on our driveway again asking for any type of info. This was about 4 months ago. The conversation with the census stalker left with, "we will note your account".

So, the last few months we have seen the tan stalker car come by but not try to get information or talk to us. Until yesterday.

I left daycare early to go out of town, which was probably a God thing. When two of my daycare parents were outside leaving, the mean CL approached them asking questions. The reason I am glad I wasn't here is because I don't have bail money. I would have not been so nice. It is one thing to harass me but to take it to the next step and talk to my daycare parents...nope, not ok! 

I spent 35 minutes yelling, talking like adults to a supervisor this morning. I was old enough to be his mom, and I must say they train them well. He was a hard person to break. After making a total crazy mess of myself, I finally asked to talk to someone else. I got the reply, "I am the highest person you can reach". Oh whatever... I said, "who do you work for?". He replied, " the government". I replied, " oh so you work for the devil". I hung up and called back and talked to someone much nicer and older! 

The census we are "volunteering" for is eight months long. Yesterday's encounter counted for our seventh month. After another long phone call, the mean CL lady will not be back for our eighth month. Even though there is nothing binding us to participate, and it is "volunteer", we can not be done. How can that happen? Really? Okay, whatever. You suck!

We did agree the mean CL would be getting spoken too- she crossed a line with questioning our daycare families. I was grateful that I spoke to someone higher up the the "highest person" . I made have not handled everything the "right" way but I was completely frustrated.

To quote the "higher up" I spoke to today..." we at the census go to great length to obtain our information". I indeed will agree. Once the census people entered my life, I felt as if I sold my soul to the devil.

Last night I car pooled with some friends to Great Bend. A dear friend of ours lost her dad this week, and we ran up before the rosary to see her and her family. It was hard seeing my friend so sad but as always it was great to see her. My night was made better when I saw this little girl too. I haven't seen A since she moved in August.  The visit was short but it was so worth the drive to hug my friend and see her kids.

It was a great reminder that God has a plan for each and every person. Our time on earth is not a given and to live each day well. Just as my friend's dad did. He was loved. I have only met him a hand full  of times when they were in town visiting. The amount of people that showed up last night was huge. The laughs, the hugs, the stories, the pictures, and the tears being shared as people remembered this person was such a neat thing to watch and over hear.

I am sad for my friend, and her family as it has suffered a great loss. It takes strength to get through times like this. I pray for their family as their grieving process has already started! My heart is heavy as I know they will have some tough days ahead of them.

“Lord, remind me how brief my time on earth will be. Remind me that my days are numbered—how fleeting my life is. You have made my life no longer than the width of my hand. My entire lifetime is just a moment to you; at best, each of us is but a breath….And so, Lord, where do I put my hope? My only hope is in you.” (Psalm 39:4-5, 7)


 Today we had a guest come from Childcare Aware (used to be ERC). Michelle is a dear friend and mentor to me in the childcare field. As a part of our coaching time, she did circle time/activities with the kids. They loved seeing a new face.

Our time started by Michelle reading, "The Big Fat Hen". The kids helped reading by echoing the words read.
 After the first time of reading, the kids were given egg shakers. As Michelle read the book again, the kids were able shake their eggs.
 Michelle has an awesome way of working with this age- she makes it look so easy!!! :)
The next activity allowed the kids to sing and when the song was over they picked up a card with a letter on it- after they picked it up, they said the letter name!

 The peanuts had another chance to read... Michelle had signs with each type of instruments; bells, sticks, and eggs. The kids had to wait and "read" the sign that had their instrument on it before they could play it.
Waiting to see what sing will come next...

We had a fun morning with our guest! I am so blessed to be apart of an awesome program that offers support, coaching, and learning activities for the kids!


Working on our spooky art projects!!! Thanks A for coming over and doing these. They turned out so cute and can't wait to do more!!!

Love this...

Gaby reading her baby little sister a bed time story!

Sunday, October 14, 2012

a difference a year makes... and an upside down picture

 Tonight I was switching out the kids' pictures... you can see the difference a year makes. Gaby (5th grade)
 Upside down Kadyn (until Dustin can help me fix this) 2nd grade
 Kenni... one of the biggest changes I think. Two and a half years old.
And Mia Rose... Pre school!

Yep! What a difference a year can make...

Gaby's 5th grade field trip

Last Thursday Gaby's 5th grade class packed up and spent the day at Washburn University. 

Our first part of the day was spent at the Mulvane Art Museum. 

We toured the exhibit "Paint America". I had never been so it was cool going around and seeing all the prints. The kids were asked questions and were able to tell about their favorite prints.  

After the museum,  the class went to the art lab where they learned some new techniques to try. 

Gaby used markers then painted over her picture with water. 

We stopped and had lunch on campus. It was a perfect day to eat outside and tell Gaby stories of when Dustin and I dated and attended school there. 

After the art tour, lab, and lunch we headed to the science building.

We spent about an hour in the planetarium.  It was a really cool experience. We learned about star constellations and stories behind them. They also had a presentation on the solar system.

Gaby and I.
It was an all day field trip and I am grateful that D was able to watch the daycare so I could attend. It was a fun time spent with Gaby Goo! 

Fall Festival

Last weekend we went to our TBC's fall festival at Gary's Pumpkin Patch.
When we first got in, Kadyn was super excited... my little toothless kid.

Dustin invited his mom and step dad to come with us. 

Gaby and Grammy Dee

On the hay ride... 

Papa John, Mia, and Kadyn

One of our favorite spots... the corn pit!

Another favorite... the funnel cakes!

We ended the night at the pig races where all three of the older kids were helpers! It was a wonderful family time.