Tuesday, October 16, 2012


 Today we had a guest come from Childcare Aware (used to be ERC). Michelle is a dear friend and mentor to me in the childcare field. As a part of our coaching time, she did circle time/activities with the kids. They loved seeing a new face.

Our time started by Michelle reading, "The Big Fat Hen". The kids helped reading by echoing the words read.
 After the first time of reading, the kids were given egg shakers. As Michelle read the book again, the kids were able shake their eggs.
 Michelle has an awesome way of working with this age- she makes it look so easy!!! :)
The next activity allowed the kids to sing and when the song was over they picked up a card with a letter on it- after they picked it up, they said the letter name!

 The peanuts had another chance to read... Michelle had signs with each type of instruments; bells, sticks, and eggs. The kids had to wait and "read" the sign that had their instrument on it before they could play it.
Waiting to see what sing will come next...

We had a fun morning with our guest! I am so blessed to be apart of an awesome program that offers support, coaching, and learning activities for the kids!

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