Sunday, October 14, 2012

Gaby's 5th grade field trip

Last Thursday Gaby's 5th grade class packed up and spent the day at Washburn University. 

Our first part of the day was spent at the Mulvane Art Museum. 

We toured the exhibit "Paint America". I had never been so it was cool going around and seeing all the prints. The kids were asked questions and were able to tell about their favorite prints.  

After the museum,  the class went to the art lab where they learned some new techniques to try. 

Gaby used markers then painted over her picture with water. 

We stopped and had lunch on campus. It was a perfect day to eat outside and tell Gaby stories of when Dustin and I dated and attended school there. 

After the art tour, lab, and lunch we headed to the science building.

We spent about an hour in the planetarium.  It was a really cool experience. We learned about star constellations and stories behind them. They also had a presentation on the solar system.

Gaby and I.
It was an all day field trip and I am grateful that D was able to watch the daycare so I could attend. It was a fun time spent with Gaby Goo! 

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