Tuesday, April 10, 2012

iphone pictures

 My workout bestie came by today and gave me this cup... so flippin' cool. It is tall and skinny (kinda how I'd like to be) and it fits into cup holders in the car/van. Plus, it is my favorite colors... teal and lime green! It made my day!

 Dustin and Gaby are getting ready for the Awana grand prix this Saturday. Gaby designed the car, and D shaping it up for her. I hope she does well...
 Thursday night at SHES, Kadyn had her portfolio party. All the 1st graders have a folder compiled of all their books, writings, and a cd of them reading a story.  It was a fun time. I loved having Kk take me around her school showing me everything she has done.
 Just getting to the school...
Kenni at the Roadrunner's game. A friend from church offered hockey tickets, it was while KU was playing for the finals. So we scored the tickets. They family really loves going!

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