Friday, April 28, 2017

New Product just came in...

I love getting Young Living shipments. Oh Happy Day! 
Last Saturday the company introduced several new products and announced the comeback of one of my favorite oils, Valor. 

Shortly after joining YL and learning how many chemicals were in my lotions, I ditched them. 
I will not lie, I miss my perfumes and lotions sometimes but I know my health is worth more then the toxins I was placing on my skin. 

The past two years I have made my own body butter and it has done the job well... however when this gem came out, I ordered it the first day. I love this scent. It is the scent I used to wear from the store at the mall. #beforeIknewbetter

It arrived at my home today and I can not wait to give it a try. Cheers to new yummy products that are good for my skin. Young Living does it again! 

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