Friday, April 28, 2017

Two hours ago...

 I had our SUV packed with four children all under the age of four years. I was excited that I was low on daycare numbers so we packed up and went to Barns and Noble to purchase birthday gifts. (We have 4 birthday parties to attend this weekend, YIKES) I thought the kids would like going and hanging out in the kids section and play at the train table. Quentin loves B&N.... normally. 

Today he was running away, talking back, and so not listening. Pair that with his night before behaviors at church pictures and my patience with him was shot. Every time I ask him to go potty he talks back. Every time I ask him to pick up toys he talks back. When I tell him to be nice to others HE TALKS BACK. 

Two hours ago I was fighting him to listen so we could leave Chick-fli-la and take lunch to Dustin.
Two hours ago I was telling my husband how much his back talk is wearing me out.
Two hours ago he was throwing a fit because I made him rest. 

Then he fell asleep.  

Two hours ago I was reminded that he is only three years old. 
Two hours ago I told myself he is learning new limits and new buttons to push. 
Two hours ago I thought to myself, this season of life will pass. 
And when it does it will be my last. 

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