Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Qman goes to preschool

Quentin (Qman) has been going to SHES for preschool since January. Last December I took him to the preschool screening and he failed. Say What? My perfect baby boy failed? Yep. Turns out he couldn't see or hear. I was grateful we took him when we did to get screened. Within a month, he got glasses, had tubes put in, and started preschool for speech and language help.

He is growing up. He will be four in May. He is my last child, my only boy, and the last of my children to be at home.

Preschool has been a great experience for him. He loves his teachers, his classroom, and his new friends. He talks about them often. His vocabulary is increasing. He can hear and see now too. He loves getting on the big yellow bus.

By now, you would think I would be used to sending him to school. The truth is it was super hard for me to let him go. It still is. Some days I don't think about much then there are days like today I almost lose it. He looks so little getting on the big school bus.

He always comes home with a huge smile on his face which makes me smile. Letting go is hard, knowing he is growing up is even harder!

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