Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Be still, My heart...

This is my very first group of preschool kids.... Let me tell you how young that makes me feel.

We did their preschool graduation celebration in May 2010. 
This May Faith, Kadyn, Parker, and Josh will promote from the 6th grade to middle school. 
These girls still attend the same grade school. 
Josh moved away to Minnesota, but I still see his family when they visit KS. 

This group of kids holds a very special place in my heart.  

 We made tee shirts and they all signed them.

 They dressed up for their preschool graduation pictures. 

(My little Kk May 2010) 
My little Kk is now in 6th grade. She will be leaving the only school she has ever known to attend middle school in the fall.
 What a cutie pie. 
I miss her chunky cheeks. 

My little Kk (2017)

Be Still, My Heart! 

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