Monday, November 12, 2012


 Saturday was a super windy day... the kids went with Dustin to fly a kite. One afternoon, Dustin was driving and spotted two huge kites in someones trash. He brought them home and the kids have enjoyed having them.
 Saturday afternoon we geared up for holiday pictures with Santa. This year I got smart. I moved all the bathroom stuff like hair spray, curling iron, and clips out to the living room. This way Gaby could watch TV and not fight me to fix her hair.
 The kids had every techie device on while I fixed everyone's hair... TV was on, Mia played her DS, and Kenni watched her show on the Kindle Fire. I know, I know! But anyone who has tried to get 4 younger children dressed, hair fixed and out the door in one piece will understand.
Gaby's after... I was very pleased with how she acted towards pictures this year. No fighting, arguing, or pouting. I am excited to see how the holiday pictures turn out!

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