Thursday, January 7, 2010

you are always on my mind....

As of lately I must say that Baby Girl Kendal has been on my mind. And when I am not thinking about Baby Kendal, I am reminded she is coming by her kicking and moving in my belly!

I am 35 weeks today...
I am cranky
I am anti social
I am not patient
I am nervous
I am overwhelmed
I am anxious
I am blessed!

Yesterday I had my OB check up and was told I was dilated to 2cm. This was good and scary news. I am ready to be done with my "sharing my body with the babies" stage but am needing to make sure we are ready for her arrival as well. (And, get past Kadyn's 5th birthday)

So, I did what I do best and made a list! This calms me down and I know it is all manageable!

Some new outfits hanging up ready to go... after Mia was born, I was sure she was our last and gave away a lot of her newborn and 0-3mo stuff. Plus, she should get some new stuff too.

Diapers (well, we have those already, just not in newborn size... but now we do)
Bottles, formula, and new nipples...
For anyone who knows me and my breastfeeding adventures, well, I just suck at it.
And a pregnant momma that is ready... well, as ready as I can be!

You are always on my mind...


BethH said...

Laura, these pics are totally awesome! I love the one of the clothes on the hangers and the one of you belly. Love it! Can't wait to see this precious one...only wish it was IRL! Hugs, sweet friend!

Jennifer Magreevy said...

Am I the only one who thinks its pretty doggone humorous that you say you "suck" at breastfeeding??? LOL!!!! :)