Thursday, June 12, 2014

1 year check up

 We are about a month off for Qman's check up's. But this morning was the big 1 year old check up. I was super excited for his weight update, not the shots. I could not get a good picture of this active, always moving little, big guy!
He isn't walking yet but crawling everywhere. He will pull to stand and start cruising around stuff that way! He is getting there however I am in no hurry. Qman can stay my baby a little longer.

 His doctor said he was doing great- and she was happy he was off the bottle, eating table food, and sleeping all through the night. Yay! Quentin.
 Always moving. Even getting his height and weight was tricky! He weighed 22.5 lbs which is 45% for his age. I was for sure she was going to tell us he needed to be on a diet. Even today for lunch he ate 4oz of mixed veggies, 4oz of fruit, 1/2 of a grilled cheese sandwich, cheese stick, and a cup of milk. This is a normal size meal for him. Where does he put it?

 For length his is 30in long which put him in the 50% for his age.
Today we had shots. They suck, but he only cried for less then 30 seconds. This kid is tough. They even did a treatment on his 4 little teeth.

Until our next check up...

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