Thursday, October 30, 2014

Before and After... Norwex

Because we ran a daycare, there is always something "fun" to clean in our home. I finally wised up and bought a second set of the enviro cloth, dust mitt, scrubber, and cleaning paste. It all stays down stairs so it is ready to go for times like this...

Crayon on the carpet..... before.
 Crayon on the wall before...
 Crayon on the wall...after. It is all gone. I used water, scrubber and cleaning paste. I need to rinse off but the crayon is totally gone and no paint was removed from the walls. YEAH!

Carpet after... crayon is lifted as well. Still wet from the water but took it up. I am so exited. And because it is only water (and the enviro cloth) it is ok for the kids to continue to play and walk barefoot on the carpet!


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