Thursday, October 30, 2014

Pictures from this week...

 Kadyn went to the dr on Tuesday to finally deal with some stomach issues. We are trying a simple approach which is tons of water and fiber... we think the kid needs to be regular. She looks so sad and dramatic here!!!

 Tuesday night she perked up after dance when dad and I gave her an early Christmas gift so she could get more use from it. Her very own Fuzion dance jacket. She loves to dance, been doing it since she was 3, and now has a cool jacket to show it. We loved seeing how excited she was after giving it to her!

 Daycare working hard on our letters...

 Matching shirts... Fluke girls. I felt bad since Gaby wore her shirt too but is not in our picture. Girl gets on the bus at 7am and no one was up and ready for pictures.

 This morning the kids wanted forts... so we brought out the castle and teepee and blankets. Fun time for everyone!
Crazy hair at Awana last night, likely for Mia it doesn't take much to make it look crazy. Really, most nights are crazy hair nights for her!

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