Monday, October 27, 2014

A bunch of ramblings...

Gaby had her 2nd band concert for middle school. Yep, this is my, "don't take that picture, I will not smile, but really is beautiful inside and out" child of mine. I love that she plays the drums and is really good at it.
This week is her first Jazz band practice and she can not wait. She is over the moon excited to play the set at school. I hope soon she will be good enough to play for church/youth group.

This past month we started a budget. A friend of ours is doing finical planning and while we had a basic something in place, it was a crazy and humbling experience to have him meet with us. We saw some areas in our life where changes had to be made and where we could be doing better. Yikes. Dustin and I have never had this whole budget thing modeled for us with our parents. We did what we could and made do with what we have... still do. But things are changing. I hope by Dustin and I (hopefully) making better money choices, our kids will see what we are doing and we will be a good role model for them and their finical future.

Out of the last 17 days, I have attended 14 Jazzercise classes. I am excited to be working out, gaining some spunk back, and having pants feel a little more loose. It hasn't been easy but I am making it a habit. I am a better wife, mom, daycare provider, nursery worker, and overall person when my body feels healthier and I carve out 45-60 minutes of childless time. I love being able to workout close to my home or when I am in North Topeka waiting on dance girls and their classes. I finally have it down. (For now, until soccer practices start back up)

 Mia had her 6 year old check up last week. She is doing well, looks great and passed eye and hearing tests. Yay! I always tease about Mia. She is so my child out of all of our kids. I know, I'm sorry! She is a good kid but so much spunk, so much talking, and will power.
We had her teacher conference last week and her teachers main complaint is that she is not organized and her desk is not clean (ok, not me). However, she knew we had a meeting with her teacher and that day she cleaned out her desk and organized all of her space. It made me laugh. This child is too smart for her own good sometimes. But it was nice to hear she is doing great (when she focuses), reading is above average (yes) and she understands what is being taught (whattt? Mia?) So, for being my hot mess mini me, she is rockin the 1st grade!

 I was doing laundry this weekend as saw these two socks. It was such a cute reminder of Dustin and Quentin. Like father, like son. After Kendal was born, we were done. So we thought.  But we were given this chance to raise Qman, to have a son, is still such a foreign concept to me. I LOVE having four girls that are all special and unique. And I LOVE having this cute curly hair, blue eye, laid back like his daddy, big boy sock wearing son. Amazing!

 Qman loves his selfies. Everytime I bring out my phone he giggles. He loves seeing himself on the camera. Who can blame him... so much cuteness.

 Yep. It's Monday and my laundry is clean and folded... now just to put it away! I tried doing a load every day but it doesn't jive with me so I do monster loads for 2 days then I am done. It works.

 My addiction. Jamberry nails. This was one of my favorite combos. (and yes, I am ho,ding my hubby's underwear- whatevs) I finally had a party to earn some Jams free. It was a fun time to have people over to share my addiction and earn free stuff. (The free stuff comes in handy now that I have a flippin budget- these are luxuries now) Putting these on come as a stress reliever for me. Plus the girls love them too- and they have mini ones for them! Sweet!

 The annual pumpkin patch trip... Gaby's first year not to ride the train! Ok, I get it but still sad. But at least she stood behind the group so I could still sneak a picture in. Qman rode with Kadyn and loved it. I love having family time and hanging out.

I had my church review for nursery last week.  They are keeping me on for another year so I must not have messed up too badly.  It was a more challenging year (or just the past few months) as we moved into a new building, furnished 6 rooms, started fall programs and still trying to figure things out. But, I do believe we are heading out of the transition period, at least for the babies. I am excited to get back to my normal normal. :)

My last new thing is Norwex. They had a month where you could sign up for a kit for free if you just paid shipping. I wanted to try the product out so I signed up. I did one order that turned out to be better then I thought, while offering a (surprise) to those who ordered. Well... I am not doing this as a job, not wanting to gain tons of knowledge about the product, not wanting to do parties, or work this thing. There are too many rules, what words you can and can't say, ect. Too much for my mom brain to keep up with. I just want the discount so I can purchase the product that has made my cleaning life a little easier and healthier. I thought a one time order was all I was doing. But then after I ordered more people asked so I am doing a second one. I now have NO CLUE where this will lead because I am not in it to make money or use this as a job. But, one thing I have learned is that I can offer whatever "surprises" I want on my private FB page. So. I got me one of those. And if you love this product like I do and or want to try it out, email or FB me privately! I don't want to step on toes of those making a living out of this! But for the first time, I cleaned my mattress with their mattress cleaner and vacuumed it. I never knew weird people did that (yes, I mean you CS). But after 15 years of marriage, this is a first. Who knows what new cleaning project will happen next!

Well... I think that catches me up. Haha... caught up, that is a funny concept. I must say, updating this blog has been a therapy session as  my Monday morning was not a stellar one. Before 10am everyone in diapers had pooped and my house smells like poop. The fish need their jars cleaned out which means they smell like poop. Talking to mean people at the post office over a package that was taken and now I am replacing out of pocket was NOT a nice experience, and payroll for church took WAY longer that it needed to. However, on a plus side last night I totally went out of my comfort zone and paid for this old couples groceries at Walmart who appeared to be low on money (it wasn't much), looking at these pictures and writing about them makes me happy, and I am caught for this minute. I'll end on that high note even though my house still smells like poop.

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