Monday, March 1, 2010

19 days to go...

until Spring is officially here... we counting down the day days to warmer temps outside, flowers blooming, and playing in the back yard becomes a part of our routine again! *sigh* Spring, we have missed you.

Our theme this week is getting us in the mood for nicer days to come... Flowers!

Today we started our day planting our own little inside garden for us to take care of each day. We hope with love, sun, and water we'll see a bright mix of flowers by the time spring officially gets here. The kids loved using a fish tank for our dirt and seeds. They each had a job so we put this together as a group!
After we talked about flowers, dirt, and what we may find in dirt we made dirt cake.
We even found some gummy worm friends in our snack.

We also talked about what plants and flowers need to live and water was our big answer. To help show how flowers drink, we dyed water and used white flowers to but into our cups. Over time, we'll see the white flowers change colors as they drink the water. What a fun experiment for the kids. They have already checked on their flowers a million times to see if they have changed yet.
Getting ready to put our flowers in our colored water... they were all so excited!

What a fun spring day we have had!

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