Thursday, March 25, 2010

Today was our day of jelly bean fun!

We started out coloring our jelly beans. Then we glued jelly beans to plastic cups so we could use them as stampers. We had a lot of fun making our jelly beans different.

We are finished with our letter of week, so now we are reviewing our letters. Today we used a game to that tied the theme and letters together.
The top of the egg had a letter and the bottom had the same letter, the kids had to find the matches. I thought this might be a challenge for the kids... they proved me wrong. They took turns, they worked together to find matches, and they didn't fight over the eggs!
My preschoolers are growing up!!!

Our last activity started out educational and ended in our morning snack. Each were given a cup full of jelly beans. We counted, sorted, made patterns and then ate!

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