Sunday, December 9, 2012


We started our month with Christmas tree hunting... each year I beg Dustin for a fake, easy up keep tree and every year we end up at a tree farm. I actually am glad that he loves getting real trees. The kids love the process...for the most part, and it has become a tradition ever since Dustin and I have been married.It's always a big deal to see which kid will actually "pick" our family tree!

The entire month of November Gaby has been up at her school at 7:15ish to learn to play volleyball. This was her first experience and really enjoyed it. The last night the teams play for certain rankings and the school combines it with a basket auction and chili feed. This was our first time attending and really had a fun time. Gaby ended up making 3 points from her serves. Her team took 3rd place out of the 5th and 6th grades teams. 

Gaby's birthday was in November but had to put off her party until the first weekend of December. We went super cheap and easy this year and it was probably one of her favorite parties. We had it in the church gym. We brought hula-hoops and all sorts of balls and let the kids play. 

All of her friends that came to join in the fun... 

Last week we went to a Shawnee Heights Basketball game. It was our first time to go. Kendal didn't care for the loud noses.

We went to the game to see this cutie! She attended a dance clinic at the high school and then performed at the varsity half time. She was pretty cute, if I do say so my self.  

After her performance, Kadyn told me, "mom, if I keep with dance maybe I can dance of that team when I am in high school". 

Gaby's Christmas concert... This year year the alternated between a singing song and a bell choir song. I was really impressed that the kids had the chance to do the bell thing. They had to read music and really be paying attention. Kudos's to Mrs. B at SHES- she really is a rock star music teacher!    

My 5th grader...she did a great job! 

Kenni at the concert! She sat on my lap or Dustin's lap the entire time!

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