Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Daycare Christmas party

 We started our morning by making our Christmas presents for our moms and dads... turned out super cute, can't wait!!!
 We had to work in groups so while some were making their gifts, others where jamming out to Christmas music.
 Time for gifts... this year we exchanged names and had a small amount to spend. The kids loved their gifts.
 We tried to hand them out one by one so everyone could have the spot light!
 Passing out more gifts...
 J was pretty excited with his gift...
 A loved her white tiger, she never put it down the rest of the morning!
 J showing off his big gun...
 Everyone shared their new gifts... some had craft goodies, nurf guns, toys ect.

 We made some grinch punch and watched part of the Christmas movie, "The Grinch".
We had a buffet of treats... A's mom made the cutest reindeer cupcakes. The picture is blurry, I couldn't get A to hold still long enough!!!

Thanks parents for a wonderful Christmas party. They had a great time.

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