Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Kindergarten round up

 Yesterday was Mia's Kindergarten round up. At first she didn't want to go and said, "I don't need kindergarten". As yesterday afternoon came around, she became more excited. As a part of the afternoon, we took a bus ride. Mia picked our spot in the very back of the bus.

 Mia had a fun time but seemed unimpressed. She attends SHES for preschool four days a week so I think the "coolness" of the school may have worn off. We still enjoyed our bus ride around the neighborhood.

After the bus ride, parents went back for the meeting and the kids met the teachers. During their time they read a story, colored, and practiced cutting.

It is hard to think Mia is going to Kindergarten this fall. She is such a sassy lil girl and whoever gets her in her class will be lucky and challenged to have her.

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