Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Cubbie Carnival...

Our Cubbie year has come to an end. How do we celebrate our kids learning 24 verses? handing out over 630 patches?? We party... we have a carnival!

The weather was not our friend so we had it inside. Each of our Cubbie rooms had 2-3 games. This year we added a super cool Cubbie bean bag toss that our friend Jackie painted and Dustin put together.

Mia after the cup cake walk...

The awesome slide that everyone LOVES...  

Pop toss...

Another new game... going fishing. Another fun hit!

The Putt-Putt place off of 10th and Wannamaker let us borrow the putting green for our event. Each child got a coupon for free golfing as their prize. Awesome treat!

The Happy Hopper Race was another fun game that we added.
Mia LOVES the bouncy balls!!!

The night ended. But as we were cleaning up, Mia saw her Cubbie Leader, Mr. Bryan. He is one of the many reasons she loved Cubbies so much the last 2 years!

Next year Mia moves up to Sparks. I won't be without a Cubbie however, Kendal will start this fall!!! Until then!

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